Never The Same

Harry Styles younger sister Mackenzie Styles is kidnapped after an incident she is now 18 after being held hostage for 6 years will she escape or die alone in her capture's basement ? Continue reading to find out


2. The TRUTH Reveal

      Mackenzie"s POV

                I Was running to what I thought was a police station but it was only a diner.Next Thing I know I am totally lost.

        Liam's POV 

                Okay dude i'm not totally oblivious i have noticed your acting strange and you can tell us why. Alright Can You get the rest of the boys its hard enough saying it once. Sure thing Harry............ Okay Harry now explain too us why you have been do down in the dumps these past few days. 

                Harry's POV 

              Well its family related problems.Liam- okay go on.. Well you know my family its Gemma  me my mom and step dad right. Niall- yeah Okay well there is someone else I have never told you about. I have another sister Mackenzie.

           Zayn's POV

               Um what happened to her? That's why 'm so upset when we were 12 we were at the park like what we do every Saturday  my step dad called Gemma because it was time for her to go to her friends house but we could stay. A few hours later at like 7 we were walking home Mackenzie had been super quiet and when i turned around i noticed she wasn't there anymore. Then I saw a big black van she was tied up and screaming because they were putting her in the trunk I just couldn't move. I saw the fear in her eyes by the time i moved the van was gone ....(says tearing up)

                   Niall POV

                        So that's why you have been so quiet and distant. Harry- Yeah (back to Niall) Well Do you remember anything like the license plate ? Yeah I actually do lets go to the police station. Niall says " I know lets head to the diner down town to celebrate! Harry POV  I suppose but just a pick up and leave okAY? YEAH !!!!!! Harry POV Lets get going,

                  Mackenzie POV 

                      As I Looked  behind me to find a sign i kept running all of a sudden im on the ground and i notice someone else who i bumped into, So Sorry Then i hear a familiar voice say Oh no its my fault love - Mackenzie? Oh my god Harry I am so so sorry I coul have stipped him I could have saved you - Harry i said backing up a little shush then we return to our hug than a blond boy cleared his throat Harry got up me as well the he looked at me and all of a sudden I felt really dizzy and was falling but right before i fell someone caught me I tried to see who but everything went black.



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