Never The Same

Harry Styles younger sister Mackenzie Styles is kidnapped after an incident she is now 18 after being held hostage for 6 years will she escape or die alone in her capture's basement ? Continue reading to find out


1. Locked away O Freedom?

Mackenzie's P.O.V  

                   After 6 years of pure torture I am going to attempt my run away . If I Fail shall be it it will only bring me more pain if that's even possible. That's when my thoughts were interrupted from banging coming from upstairs. Then he came down he never took of his mask. He Gripped onto my wrist I Winced and yelped but never struggled. That's when I did it i kicked em in the groin and ran. I dove off of the ground and up the stairs. I grabbed  the door handle and flung open the door. Adjusting to the light i ran having no idea of where i was going, That's when it hit me. I saw a police station and started running,

                    Mom(Anne) POV

                                  I Have not heard anything on Mackenzie and everyday Harry calls poor Harry he was so close to her no matter how many fights he was always there for her. When she was kidnapped he said it was all his fault.Wake up screaming in the middle of the night about nightmares. He still calls everyday too see about what they have heard but she has not been found and her chances of being alive are small

                   Louis's POV

                        Harry these past few days has been acting strange a few times I have found him screaming in his sleep Liam I think something is really wrong. Liam- I know I noticed but let it go a few times I thought i was the only one who noticed.

                  Harry's POV

                       "KNOCKS ON LIAMS DOOR" Can I Talk to you? Yeah whats up? Well these past few days have been hard. Yeah I Know and? Well there is something I have not told you guys that's hard to say but I want you to know .


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