My Summer Love

Tori was your average spoiled teenager. She was the daughter of hot boy band One Direction's manager. For vacation, she traveled to London to live with her dad and met the boys. She instantly fell for Niall, but is he just her summer love or more then that? Read to find out what happens!! (14+ for language and some mature scenes please) xx


3. The Dare

Tori's P.O.V

All of the boys ran over squeezing me into a bear hug. Is this what it's gonna be like everyday? The snacks flew out of my arms and landed on the ground. Luckily, the bag of Doritos was closed so we only ended up with some broken chips. "Tori," my dad started, "this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and you already know Niall." They all waved and Louis pulled me into another bear hug which all of the other boys had to join in with. "Eghh dying in here," I yelled through the boys, " can a girl have some space?" "Boys boys, I know you're excited, but please don't kill my daughter." My dad laughed and pulled them off me. "Thanks dad, it means a lot." I said sarcastically. "You're welcome honey, I'll leave you all to get to know each other then." My dad stated and left the room. "We should play a game to help Tori get to know us better mates!" Harry suddenly shouted out. "Good idea Hazza! How about truth or dare?" Louis questioned. "That sounds okay to me" I told the boys and my crazy night began. "Boobear, I hope you don't mind, but can I go first?" Harry started arguing with Louis and I looked at Niall. He gave me a face saying that it always happens and I giggled quietly. "Fine!" I suddenly heard Louis shout out to Harry. "Yay! Tori; truth or dare?" Harry asked. "I feel like this is a bad idea, but dare." I stated proudly to them. "Okay ... I dare you to kiss Niall." Harry said. I looked at Niall to ask him if it was okay and he nodded back. I walked over and sat on Niall's lap, planting my lips to his right away. I felt him kiss back and we kept kissing until Harry said that we didn't have to have a make out session. We pulled apart and laughed. I started to go back to where I was sitting, but Niall told me to stay. The rest of the night didn't involve any other dares like that so I just cuddled up to Niall and eventually fell asleep.

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