My Summer Love

Tori was your average spoiled teenager. She was the daughter of hot boy band One Direction's manager. For vacation, she traveled to London to live with her dad and met the boys. She instantly fell for Niall, but is he just her summer love or more then that? Read to find out what happens!! (14+ for language and some mature scenes please) xx


1. A New Life

Tori's P.O.V

As I stepped into the terminal, I searched for my dad. It was really crowded and I couldn't see him anywhere. I felt someone tap my back and I spun around at them, prepared to hit them with my coach purse if I needed to. "Hey Tori!", my dad shouted over the noise. "Dad, I'm so glad to see you! Why is it so crowded though?", I asked him. "It's because I'm here", he said and I stared at him confused. "Being One Direction's manager, the fans always follow us places." "That it explains it", I said with a little laugh, " Can we go then?" I asked. "Sure, just watch out for the paparazzi and fans. Some of them can be crazy at times." He whispered to me so they wouldn't hear. I laughed and followed him to baggage claim. I saw my 5 coach suitcases right away and my dad helped me grab them off the belt so we wouldn't miss any. Some security guards came and took them from us putting them in a van while we were escorted into the limo. "Nice life you have over here dad", I joked with him. "Yeah, I guess it's okay", he said sarcastically and we both started laughing. "Well off to the house we go. I hope you don't mind, but the boys should still be there. I told them you were coming and they wanted to meet you." "That's okay, I've been wanting to meet them too."


When we pulled up to the house, my mouth dropped. "Dad... I thought it was a house not a huge mansion!" I exclaimed at him. "It's still not big enough though" he joked with me and I gave him a puzzling look. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" He said. "Sure dad", i giggled and grabbed my white iPhone 5 and purse then jumped out of the limo. I grabbed 2 suitcases and headed to the door. My dad showed me to my room and it was huge. It was painted a turquoise color to match a turquoise and lime green comforter and matching pillows. There was a white fuzzy rug and a black piano in the corner by a reading area. I explored behind a few doors and found a walk in closet leading into a massive bathroom. It had a jacuzzi tub, a shower, and a huge mirror for me to do my makeup in. I can't believe it is all mine. Just as I finished unpacking everything, my dad called me downstairs on the intercom. I grabbed my phone checking the messages while waiting for the elevator to come. It read: 3 new messages. From: Sam (: Hey girl!! I miss you so much already!!! Xx From: Sam (: How was your flight? Text me as soon as you get this!! Xx I laughed and replied right away before going to read the other message. To: Sam (: I miss you too girl ): but my flight was long and boring without you!! We basically got mobbed at the airport, my dad said to expect it everywhere.. At least the "house" is huge lol its more like a gigantic mansion! Im going to meet the boys so ill text you again later... Miss you!! Xx From: Mom Hi Victoria! Just making sure you got to London okay... Text or call me when you can, love you xx Why did she always have to call me by my full name? I keep telling her that I like Tori better. To: Mom Hi mom! Yeah im ok.. Dad picked me up at the airport along with the help of some security guards, we are back at his house and im about to go meet the boys .. Call you later! Love you xx By then I was downstairs and I went to the nearest intercom to find out where my dad and the boys were. I'll have to get used to this.

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