My Story: Bullying

Kara is the new girl, she thinks its never easy. She meets Cassie Thompson, and from then on she makes Kara's life hell. Will Kara make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to Cassie's gang? Read on to find out...


6. Summer Of Fun

The rest of the summer was cool. Me and Lily did all sorts of things. Since we lived in Florida, it was sunny basically all the time, so we could go swimming almost every day! We did other things too, like go shopping with my mom, ride on the golf cart, and one time, we stayed in a Disney hotel for a couple days. We had so much fun in Disney, on the rides we got to go in the disabled lane because I still had part of my cast on my leg, plus my crutches. We went on the scariest rides like Splash Mountain ( 6 times in actual fact), Space Mountain ( twice, because Lily felt sick!), Big Thunder Mountain (once because the line was too long) and Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin. We went on some of the kiddie rides like Its A Small World, Peter Pan, Cinderellas Carousel, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and the Peoplemover in Tomorrow Land. We also bought loads of stuff from the stores there. Stuff like badges and stickers and stuff like that. We also had ice cream. I had a Mickey Mouse ice cream and Lily had pink lemonade or strawberry ice cream.

We didn't see Cassie at all during the summer. Great.

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