My Story: Bullying

Kara is the new girl, she thinks its never easy. She meets Cassie Thompson, and from then on she makes Kara's life hell. Will Kara make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to Cassie's gang? Read on to find out...


4. Somebody's Watching Me...

The meeting went ok, Miss Burton told Cassie to apologise for all the things she had done to me, she did. She was lying. She told me if Cassie did anything again, tell her. 

When the meeting was over, Cassie walked out of the room first, I shortly followed her. When I reached the end of the hallway, Cassie was nowhere to be seen. I looked around each corner incase she was there waiting for me, she wasn't. I started to get worried, it was 4 more blocks back to my form room, 3 flights of stairs. The first 3 blocks were safe, but when I got to 4th block, on my 3rd flight of stairs. I started to get a bad feeling, like someone was watching me all along, Cassie. 

"Hey emo!" She shouted.

I said nothing, I just carried on walking down the stairs. There were 20 stairs left to go.

"I said, hey emo!"

I stopped, "I heard what you said!" I was 18 stairs from my floor. She walked down the stairs, she got 2 feet away from me then threw her hands out and pushed me down. I rolled down each stair , banging my arm on the 14th and my leg on the 7th. When I reached the ground floor, I saw 3 faces looking down on me. One of them was Cassie, I knew she was there,but 2 faces were blurred and out of focus but I could recognise the purple jeans. It was Lily and Mrs Garcia.Had they seen the whole thing? My ribs were hurting and my head was bleeding.

"Kara!!" Lily shouted in horror! Her face looked pale and she looked like she was about to faint. A bright light was coming towards me, going faster and faster each time I looked. I felt sleepy and my eyes were fluttering shut. I heard Mrs Garcia call for help and then the darkness closed in and around me...

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