My Story: Bullying

Kara is the new girl, she thinks its never easy. She meets Cassie Thompson, and from then on she makes Kara's life hell. Will Kara make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to Cassie's gang? Read on to find out...


5. Bright White Lights...

I woke up in a room full of light, I had a needle stuck in my hand. Presumably, it was feeding me medicine. I had a pink cast on my leg and a bright blue one on my arm. My favorite colours. My ribs were no longer hurting, must have been bruised. I sat up, Lily was asleep on the bed next to mine and my momma was sat in the chair next to my bed. There were 14 get well soon cards on the cabinet and there was a massive teddy bear on the end of the bed, was this all for me? Do that many people like me?

*The next morning*

My momma woke me up. She told me what happened but I remembered it all clearly. I wondered what happened to Cassie when I was unconscious. Did she get expelled or worse, reported to the police? I asked my momma if she could get Lily for me, so she did. She went outside into the hall and told Lily I was awake. 

"Kara!" she squealed in excitement. She pulled me in for a tight hug. I hurt but I didn't say anything because I liked it too much. 

"What happened to Cassie?" I asked.

"Well rumour has it Cassie got sentanced to 2 years in prison, but its not true. I was there when she got expelled!" she said quietly. Wow! Cassie Thompson was no longer in school. She couldn't taunt me anymore. The next day, I got out of hospital with only a crutch and a sling. It was summer vacation in 3 days, so momma thought there was no point in me going back to school, even though all my stuff was at school. 

Lily came round most of the summer, but we couldn't do anything because of my leg. We couldn't go swimming, we couldn't go to dance class. We made our own fun. We went out for rides on the golf cart, we went shopping with my momma and we sometimes went to the park, just to have fun. In the middle of the summer, I went back to the hospital to check if my casts could come off. They took me for another x-ray and this time, they said I could take them home. The cast on my leg could come off because it was a minor break. But the cast on my arm had to be switched to soft plaster. I asked if I could go swimming now that the casts were off. The nurse said I could, but only if I wore this waterproof thingy, that they gave me, on my arm. I accepted.

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