My Story: Bullying

Kara is the new girl, she thinks its never easy. She meets Cassie Thompson, and from then on she makes Kara's life hell. Will Kara make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to Cassie's gang? Read on to find out...


7. Back to School

Nobody saw Cassie after she got expelled, people thought she moved away from here. Inside I was happy, outside, well thats another story.I was happy nobody pushed me in the hallways or tripped me in the cafeteria. I was finally happy, in peace. The school grew bigger, nobody was afraid to come here anymore. What everybody asked me was:

"What happened to Cassie Thompson?"

I always said the same thing:

"She got expelled for continuous bullying. I was one of the victims. Then I tell the story that I just told you.

So if anyone ever asks me that question, I always have a copy of my story and some pictures my mom took when I was in the hospital and when I was swimming in my casts in my back pocket.

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