My Story: Bullying

Kara is the new girl, she thinks its never easy. She meets Cassie Thompson, and from then on she makes Kara's life hell. Will Kara make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to Cassie's gang? Read on to find out...


1. The Start Of Something New.

It all started in 7th grade, it was the middle of the semester. I was the new kid, it's never easy! The school looked good, and it was different to my old school, where everybody was the same, it was full of drama. At least, I thought it was different.

I walked in to my class, instantly everyone turned their heads at me. They looked at me like I was an alien, like I just morphed in front of their eyes. "Hi, I'm Kara!" I told my teacher, Miss Garcia. "Okay Kara, you'll be sitting next to her!" She pointed at a girl with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I walked over to her and sat next to her, she looked at me and stared for a minute. "Uh..hi?" I said. She just kept on talking to her friends.
"Hi!" I said louder, she carried on talking. "Hi!!" I said louder, by now I was practically shouting at her. "What!?" She said. "I'm Kara, the new girl?"? She shrugged and looked away, I shrugged back at her and looked away.

I began to open my backpack when a girl with light brown hair with blonde highlights came up to me. I looked up at her then continued to unpack. "Hey! Kara is it?" She said. "That's me!" I replied. " I'm Lily!" She replied. She seemed nice, she looked nice too! She had a bun in her hair and was wearing all purple."So, what do you want?" I asked. She gave me a look that said ' you're sitting next to the local bitch'  "Well, considering you are sat next to Cassie Thompson, I thought i'd give you some pointers, you know advice?"

"Go ahead" I replied, I was confused. Why was sitting next to this Cassie girl so horrible?

"Ok, so first, Cassie has her own gang of friends that she hangs around with all day, don't get inbetween them or you'll end up being excluded!"

"Ok, anything else I should know?"

"Well, she's head of the school council, she can do things that can ruin your time here, take it from me!"

"Anything else??"

"Last thing, shes the school bully. I heard that one time she drove this girl called Lisa Donns, out of the school. She kept throwing gum in her hair and pushing her in the corridors. Be careful Kara..." She said fearfully.

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