The Memoir of Lynn

Lynn is so close to being finished with the dreaded high school that she currently resides in. She just has to make it through the next two years and then she will be off traveling the world and exploring all the tiny crevices of earth outside of her little town in the middle of Virginia. Her thought about this easy concept must have been horribly wrong because nothing seems to be going as she had planned. Her mother is sick. Again. So, she is stuck with that just when she was sure that chapter of her life was over. But then she meets Adam Wilson. This is a story that every teenage girl can relate to, from the love drama to family issues. All and all, relatable.


1. The Dedication


Here’s to you….

A special dedication is in order for all those people out there who feel left out.

To all the people who feel that they have to work themselves twice as hard just to get one little glance to show they are still alive and (almost) well.

To all the people who cause their selves harm in the hopes that they will feel something other than pain.

To all the people who help others but never themselves when they are the ones who need help the most.

To all the people who want to trip into the road just before the bus comes in the hopes of killing themselves, but they don’t because they would rather torture themselves than have such a great opportunity happen to them.

To all the people who spend their nights crying to their pillows because their pillows are the only thing that dries their fallen tears.

To all the neglected persons who only stick around in the hopes that something great will happen to them if they hold out long enough.

You are the people that I admire.

I kind of respect you guys in a way, because it means that no matter how horrible

how bad, or how crappy you guys feel, you guys always seem to keep moving forward. You may not see it but it is happening to you guys. You are, in fact, moving forward, and I respect that quality of you all.


Thank You <3 

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