The Memoir of Lynn

Lynn is so close to being finished with the dreaded high school that she currently resides in. She just has to make it through the next two years and then she will be off traveling the world and exploring all the tiny crevices of earth outside of her little town in the middle of Virginia. Her thought about this easy concept must have been horribly wrong because nothing seems to be going as she had planned. Her mother is sick. Again. So, she is stuck with that just when she was sure that chapter of her life was over. But then she meets Adam Wilson. This is a story that every teenage girl can relate to, from the love drama to family issues. All and all, relatable.


3. December 7, 2011; 12:04AM


              Lynn couldn’t really sleep tonight, but at least Adam was there to comfort her in her time of need. Adam was her best friend. He was more than a best friend, really. He was more like the other half of her life that she was missing before they even became friends. She can even remember exactly how they started talking to begin with. It was right after school and Lynn was just scrolling through her Facebook until she got a message from someone. She didn’t know who is was at the time but he was just saying hello and that he was bored so she played along. Ever since that day, they started talking more and more, and now they talk on Facebook every day.

               Tonight was a little different though. It wasn’t like most nights when Lynn and Adam talked. Usually they talk of the stupidest things and made them sound interesting, but tonight she could feel that something was up; she just didn’t know what yet.

               They were talking on the phone. The lights were off and the ceiling fan blared freezing cold air throughout the bedroom making it feel as if she were sitting in a freezer at the local grocery store. The air didn’t bother her though, because her body was radiating so much heat that she didn’t even know she had inside of her. It was probably the nerves talking to her through her body language. Just the sound of Adams voice sent volcanic heat waves throughout her body. At moments she felt as if she was to faint due to the lack of oxygen getting to her brain and her limbs sometimes went numb as they tingled with excitement. She wondered if he felt this way too. She, honestly, hoped that he did because then she wouldn’t feel so silly right now.

               At the moment, they were playing a game. Adam referred to it as the “question” game. It is where you just ask a question and the other person had to answer it no matter the subject or answer that you had. This made Lynn very nervous, because she didn’t want to tell her secrets to him over the phone, and also a part of her didn’t want to hear his, but she played anyways. It was his turn to ask the question.

               “Do you masturbate?” He asked her. Just the topic made her whole body shake with fear, excitement, and so many other emotions.

               “Y-yess…” She lets out with a heavy stutter. The other end was silent for a second or two and she hoped that he heard her at all so she would not have to repeat her answer.

               “That’s cool…” Lynn could tell that he was a bit happy about her answer due to the heavy; random breathes that shot into her ear.

“Your turn.” He said to her when she didn’t answer at first.

Well, what do I say? Lynn thought to herself. 

“Do you have a boner right now?” She settles with a simple question.

“Yes.” His answer was short and simple, giving Lynn the impression that he was nervous. Lynn sat in the darkness of her room smiling wide.

“You want to hear a secret?” He asked her.

“Umm…. Sure?” she answered.

“So, one night I was out skinny dipping with one of my guy friends and while we were up on the beach afterwards, he came up to me out of nowhere and gave me a blowjob. So, I just closed my eyes and pretended it was a girl.” Lynn was silent due to shock and she could hear Adams faint laughter from the other line.

               “That was… something.” She could hear his laughter start up once again, and she wondered what was so funny, but she just laughed along with him.

               “Ok, tell me a secret of yours.” He said, making Lynn’s laughter stop abrupt. 

“Oh, my life isn’t that interesting really.”

“Just tell me something.” He told her, the sweetness of his voice embodying her entirely.

“I have never kissed anyone.” She says. The line is silent, but she expected a reaction as such because the fact that she is being honest with this secret is kind of embarrassing to her.

“Really?” He asks in a way that sounds like he would be calling “BS”.

“Yeah, I have never kissed anyone before. Pathetic right?” She replied.

“Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“What makes you say that?” 

“Oh, nothing.”

“No. Tell me.” He is silent for a second.

“It’s just….” He started off saying, but then went silent once again.

“What!?” She was getting impatient.

“It’s just that I have liked you since the ninth grade and you are so pretty and beautiful and you don’t seem to be the kind of girl that guys wouldn’t be all over for.” He finally got the sentence out, but at a speed that made it hard for Lynn to comprehend so much information.

“Oh,” Is all she could seem to say due to shock. The room may have been too dark to actually see anything in particular, but Lynn knew that her face made it seemed that she had just witnessed a murder or something equally as terrible; her eyes were as wide as can be and mouth gaping open.

“Umm… yeah…” Is all he could say back. All Lynn wanted to do was giggle and laugh and smile like the little girl that she is, but she composed herself and tried to think of a decent sentence to say in return that wouldn’t give him the impression that she is trying too hard.

“Well, why? Why do you like me? There are way better girls out there than me, I guarantee you that.”

“I like you, ok? I like you. You are pretty, and beautiful, and just plain awesome and I like that. I like you.” The fact that he said that he liked her, and multiple time also, it made her heart jump a foot higher and higher each time until her heart was jumping around inside her head without controls to stop it.

“Wow.” She replied back. What she wished she could say back was that she felt the same way. Now, Lynn hasn’t liked Adam since the ninth grade. She does not remember much from those days at all. That was one of the dreadful years of her life that she does not like to think back upon. She does, in fact, remember that Adam was in her earth science class with Mrs. Talbert. She hated that class. It was before she got switched to the advanced classed that she has come to love now, and back then all she did was sit in her seat, stay silent, and just nod to everyone when anyone seemed to talk to her. She wasn’t much of a person to interact back then. But she does remember Adam. He sat behind her the whole year and now that she thinks more about those days, she does remember small snippets of conversations that they would have when he saw her, or when he need a question, or just said hello, and whenever the class had to choose a partner for some assignment, he would always choose her. Why hasn’t she noticed this before? If she had known earlier then maybe she could have done something to get them together? 

“Why are you telling me this now?” She sort of whispers into the phone, still shocked from the news she is currently engulfing into her mind.

“Homecoming.” The school’s homecoming dance was the weekend prior and it was nothing special. Lynn just danced the night away with her friends and she does not really understand why he brought that up.

“What about Homecoming?”

“That is when I saw you and I just knew that I liked you. You were so beautiful.”

“Well, why did you come talk to me!?”

“I got nervous. But I wish that I had.” She felt chills go up and down her spine at the thought of Adam just standing across the room watching her and now she felt regret for not going up to him first.

“Well, you should have talked to me, because then maybe I would have danced with you.”

“Would you have said yes?”

“Yes.” When she pictures Adam in her head at this moment, she can see him lying on his bed, shirtless and with sweatpants to sleep in, and him smiling his goofy smile like the huge idiot that he is and then she can picture him covering one of his loner pillows over his face to scream when no one would ever hear, especially Lynn.

“Well, now I really regret not asking you to dance.” He got silent again and Lynn imagines that he is still just lying in bed but now he is probably imagining what could have been. After about a minute or two or silence, he broke it with a question.

“Are you going to Prom?”

“Maybe, why?”

“I was just wondering.” Lynn knew very well why Adam asked such a random question. She knew that she was probably planning on asking him, so she decided to lay along in the hopes that he did.

“I will go to Prom if you promise to dance with me.”

“Well… W-why don’t you just come with me?”

“Do you mean as a date?”

               “Then yes I will go to prom with you.” It was at that instant that they both let out heavy breaths of relief at the exact same time. She was very excited and happy right now. So happy and excited in fact, that she felt she could jump to the moon and back with no hesitation what so ever. She just wanted to pull Adam through the phone so she could hug him while jumping up and down with happiness and no care in the world, and just kiss him right then and there. Lynn looked over at the big, neon alarm clock by her bed to check the time.

“Oh my gosh! It’s 2:30 in the morning! We should get some sleep if we are ever to get up for school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Good night.”

Sweet dreams.” Then there was a click through the phone and her connection was lost. Lynn knew very well that she were not going to get any sleep at all tonight, but she didn’t care. She had a reason to smile, and for once her smile was a genuine smile that was real and not there just to hide her hidden pain. She laid there the rest of the night just picturing ever possible scenario with her and Adam. 

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