My Life

Jeniffer and Michelle were happy once. Then their abusive Uncle took them in only to know the truth of their uncle and when a women took them in jeniffer and michelle felt safe and happy again.


3. What happened?

  Michelle woke me up crying I got worried and asked her what happened? she pointed down of the bed I saw blood lot's of it. I said to my self this dirty bastard. My uncle never touched my sister because he knew i would kill him literally. I saw it was 8:00 I had to go to his room for the usual thing but before i did i went to his kitchen. At mornings i had to sleep with him because Michelle was usually asleep and also at night too. So i grabbed a knife and headed to his room, I alaways had to were something sluty with long boots. I hid the knife inside one of my boot's. I got into his room and he was ready he was waiting for me.


 He had a smile on his face and i thought after what you did to my baby sister your happy about it that bitch. I did what i had to do then he said your sister is a very fun game, I got so pissed i just grabbed the knife and stabbed it right in his chest I ran and he said, he will kill me and thathe will come after that bastard of yours (michelle).


  I got to the attic Michelle was afraid, she ask me what happened i said nothing just grab your sweatshirt, but first she had to change. After Michelle and I ran but since Michelle was in such pain i had to carry her on my arms. Suddenly i heard a loud BANG it was the old whit guy. I threw some stuff in his way he tripped and fell i laughed.


  After that we had no place to go. The guy lived in the woods so i got tired of carring Michelle i said if she could walk she said yes but she had to walk slowly. The woods was cold it was around mid October and it was cold. We finally found a little trackand we followed it. After about 2-3 hours he were in a small town. I ran into this guy (geremy) he asked us if we were lost.





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