My Life

Jeniffer and Michelle were happy once. Then their abusive Uncle took them in only to know the truth of their uncle and when a women took them in jeniffer and michelle felt safe and happy again.


2. What are you gonna go with us?

 My uncle came in i knew he was drunk and high he always drink's and take's drug's he forced me to kiss him and touched me i told michelle to run she did as told. My uncle got me by the neck and lifted me so i could see his eye's, he whisppered to me he told me he was gonna sell us for money because we were useless to him. I felt tears come down my face but i tried to hold it in and he said the auction was tonight at 7:45pm. After ward's he pushed me to his bed took off my clothe, locked Michelle and he kissed me and raped me he said before i left he wanted to see if i would make a baby for him.


 Around 7:15 my uncle put us in cages and drove. We got there around 7:30 so he would get us ready. 7:45 the auction already started and we were first. I could hear people whistling and saying that i'm sexy. Michelle was scared she was huddled next to me. Then this chubby white guy said that he'll by us for 1 grand I said fuck that's alot of money.This guy seemed meaner than my uncle fatter and bigger than my uncle.


 He took us to his house it was big and he told us the rules. He said that we will have to do what ever he said . He took my sister up into the attic and locked her, i knew what he was going to do, then he came back down. He had a smile on his face he told me that i will have 2 extra duties every day and night he said that i will have to sleep with him, and have sex with him for 2 hours. I thought this asshole thought i was a doll or something.  


  That was happening for 3 weeks and that guy was tuffer in the bed. Every time before we went to sleep we prayed, then i would ask her if she had only one wish what would it be she would say a big happy family.

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