My Life

Jeniffer and Michelle were happy once. Then their abusive Uncle took them in only to know the truth of their uncle and when a women took them in jeniffer and michelle felt safe and happy again.


5. Were do we go?

Michelle and i ran and i rememberd where Cher lived and i ran that way then we got stuck and the guy was behind us. He said that he will kill Michelle unless i go with him. Michelle pulled my arm and gave me an idea and i went with it so i went next to him then i told Michelle to run and she did then he started to laudg and i punched him. He ran after me then i lost him thank god asshole runs fast.


 Michelle was waiting for me and we were looking for cher's house i remember how it looke cuz it was the biggest house in the street. So it was about 10-15 minutes of walking and i was calling out Cher and Michelle looked back cuz she heard something and it was the chubby guy and i said damn won't this guy give it a rest. We  ran and ran and we past like 2 or 3 street's and i finally spotted it. It was a big brown and tan house you could not miss it and i heard his voice saying come my little freind want's to meet you. I hated that sentence so bad that i turned back ran up to him and i grabbed his little freind so hard that he cried and begged me to stop and i squished it so hard that i felt something l luiquidy come out and his face was red. That gave me a lot of plessure and smiled and he looked at me and said "you little whore" i smiled and said than you. He got down to his knee's and cried. We got to the house and i knocked and Cher opened up with her british accent.


 Cher saw on my face that i was worried and she got worried and told us to get in quikly so we did. She saw my eye's, i was very scared and she gave Michelle something to distract her and Cher and i talked and i asked her if she seen Geremy she said no. I told her that a guy was after Michelle and i and Geremy protected us and i told him to run. Then suddenly while we were talking  we heard a knock on the door we got worried and i told Michelle to next to me and she did we looked through the peephloe and it was Geremy thank god i was happy to see his inocent white face. We opened the door and he came running in we asked him what's wrong and he said the guy, the guy is after me but i throug a ball to his head and i hugged him. Even though i knew him for just a day or two i knew i could trust him.

 Not even 1 hour we heard another knock it sounded soft and nice so i opened it and it was the guy he had a knife and tried to stab me but missed cuz he was so messed up and so i told Cher to call 911 and i stole the knife away from him. In just an hour the police came and arrested him and took him to jail. I gave him a kiss and i felt him smile but then i bit his lip so hard blood started to come out you. I heard him scream inside and i laughed and he said to me (you little bitch) i laughed and said i know you are but what about me. I felt free in inside of  me i was so happy and i have a friend i can trust my best freind only 3 years apart and i had a boy that i can finally trust too.




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