My Life

Jeniffer and Michelle were happy once. Then their abusive Uncle took them in only to know the truth of their uncle and when a women took them in jeniffer and michelle felt safe and happy again.


4. The helper

 Geremy had tan shorts and a black shirt he was aroud 22. He asked us if we needed help i said no but he looked at Michelle and saw that see was in pain and he didn't want me to be out like that with her and he took us in. After a few minutes we got his house and it was big and i was scared so was Michelle.


 Geremy got a first aid kit and asked Michelle who wanted to help her and she said me so he gave me privacy. After a while  we came out and he was smiling and said if we don't mind he would like us to stay over. Geeremy gave me and Michelle pijama's and we ate dinner and went to sleep. Michelle woke me up and i (again) got worried and i asked what's wrong she said geremy knocked and i said ok he knocked again and i opened the door. I saw he was smiling he got us clothe and told us to get ready we were going to meet someone special.


 It was about 5 minutes of driving and we pulled up to a big house. It was brown and and tan with flower's on the porch. We were in the porch and Geremy knocked and we heard a british accent sayin coming and someone opened the door. The young women infront the door was skinny not small not tall and she seemed british. Geremy said hello Cher lloyd and she said hey Geremy and he introduced us to her and she was really sweet and after about 2 hours Cher and i became really close freind's.


 I woke up the next morning because i heard a loud CRASH and i slowly opened the door and i saw the guy that had us before he was yelling where were we cuz he spend a lot of money on us and he was threatining Geremy with a gun and since i did not want Geremy to get hurt i distracted him and he saw and ran after me, i told Geremy to run and he did.

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