My Life

Jeniffer and Michelle were happy once. Then their abusive Uncle took them in only to know the truth of their uncle and when a women took them in jeniffer and michelle felt safe and happy again.


1. Memories

I looked around were was i ? then i remembred, i was in the basement it was dark and cold place. I looked down to my bed and saw all of my clothing off i was raped again. I found my clothing and put it on i went to michelle she is 5 and i'm 16 i woke her up and kissed her on her forhead and hugged her. The look on her face i could tell that she saw what happened to me she was scared. Since the trajedy happened to my parent's i pretty much became a mother to my sister.


It didn't always be like this when michelle was1 and i was 12 we had a happy family my mom (Nicci) she had blond hair and blue eyes and my dad (Brandon) had brown hair and brown eye's but a few moth's after michelle turned 1 my mom got cancer and died my dad got murderd. 2 guys ran after my dad because they thought he stole but he didn't , but when they grabbed a knife and stabed my dad right in the heart they found out that he didn't steel so they dumped his body on a garbage disposal. Since then on my uncle was taking care of michelle and I.


So michelle and i went to the kitchen to make breakfast, but we are not awloud to eat, only my uncle's lef overs. So we went to wash dishes to (we were my uncle's slaves.) then we heard a loud crash.


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