The cave ;)

There was this girl name Keiry Rivera she didn't listen to her parents.One day she ran off and went on an adventure she met a friend name Sanji and they went on an adventure. then it started to ran and went in the cave .................................


1. The adventure

It was 12:00 pm There was this girl name keiry Rivera didn't really listen or behaved to her parents so one day she couldn't take the yelling at. So she ran out the door and went in the dark woods so her parents went looking for her they looked everywhere but nothing was found. Then she ran into her friend Nicci and Nicci was going on a walk because she didn't listen to her parents either. Nicci was a really smart girl she have straight A's all the time but when she met Keiry she went down in her grades. That's why Nicci parents didn't like Keiry but Nicci and Keiry still does everyday at 2:00 and 3:00.

Then it started to ran and storm so Nicci and Keiry ran in this weird looking cave. But Nicci was scared to go in so Keiry said "if you don't go in the cave you will get strucked by lighting" so Nicci ran into the cave THEN they saw Niall from one direction Nicci jumped on him he fell and he said "only $hit" then keiry said "Nicci get off while trying to push Nicci off Niall so Niall said "do u girls wanna see where the others are?" then Nicci said YESS really loud but  Keiry felt sad.

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