Two Weeks in The Capitol

Abelia, from District 2, is lucky enough to get the chance to work in the Capitol for two weeks. Will she manage to cope?


1. Two Weeks

I looked out of the train window; the brightly dressed citizen's of the Capitol were wearing stunning outfits as usual. We slowly pulled up to the station, people were milling about in colourful statement wigs and hats.

I live in District 2, the most favourable and trust worthy of all 12 districts. District 2 may provide many Peacekeepers, but it is also known for it's stone. The Capitol always want to make sure that the buildings are as perfect and as up to date as much as possible. As most of the buildings are made from stone, District 2 has always been the first and most likely, only choice to build the mansions and the stylish apartments of the Capitol.

I Abelia Jules, was an architect, I had always been very arty as a child and while I showed little interest in getting stronger, for the Games, I was always encouraged. I was often told i was going to do big things with my talent and who ever said so, was right.

I was one of the few from the hand-picked group was going to work in the Capitol for two weeks. My job was to design a new building, for President Snow. I had been asked to come up with the new base for the Hunger Games. I was the youngest of the group, at just 20.

I was never picked to participate in the Games, which I was very much relieved about as I had never been strong. I know, that even if I had been picked, some other girl would have volunteered to take my place.

Two weeks in the Capitol, two weeks to experience the luxury of living there. The style, the wealth, the beauty and the power. I was going to be experiencing life, just as a Capitol Citizen would.

The train was very glamorous, the ride however, was not. The train was decorated beautifully inside and was smooth and shiny on the outside. I did not know any of the other people, who I would be working beside. They all seemed to know each other well already, so as they say down in groups and talked together, I was left by myself. Some of the other architects thought I did not deserve to be with them. One women, whose name was Lavina, kept telling her small male friend that a child should not be working on such a big project, especially for the grand Capitol. I however felt it was quite an achievement to be were I am, so I think she may be jealous that I have managed to go far in such little time.

We left the train. The boss, August, lead us through the bustling crowds. I remembered he said once that we were lucky, the next Game didn't start for another 9 months. During the Games, it was supposed to be even busier than this. The train station was one of the main ways to get round the Capitol, so it was a great way to get to all those parties.

The buildings were amazing, made of pale stone and marble, each building with intricate detail along the windows, balconies and door ways. I didn't know what we would create would compare, it's so breathtaking.

We were taken inside a building, stone flowers decorated the doorway, each one unique. August told us we would be meeting President Snow and this years Head Gamekeeper. They wanted to discuss the plans with us, tell us what they wanted. The workplace of the gamekeepers had to be grand, to make a great Hunger Games for the people to enjoy and celebrate. How the people of the Capitol could celebrate children dying, I could never understand, but it was better to keep quiet than to speak up against the Capitol.

We were taken into a small room full of various clothes and accessories. We had to look presentable ourselves in front of the President. My shoulder length blonde hair was washed and dried. The stylist twisted my hair into some sort of loose bun and choose a headband with one big aqua-coloured bow at the side, for me to wear. I was put into a dress, that came up just above my knees. It was the same aqua as the bow and it shimmered in the light. It only had one strap, which was covered in gold silk flowers. I was given a couple of gold braclets and a pair of gold flats, as I didn't know how to walk in high heels very well.

I'd always been a fan of the Capitol's crazy fashions and now I, little me from  district 2, was wearing their clothes!

The group and I were lead into another room. The walls were painted gold and the floor was polished marble. The ceiling went on forever and when it finally stopped, it was curved with several windows.

At the end of the room, sat President Snow. Another man, also sat on the same mahogany table with him, his beard was shaved to perfection. It was so detailed! Snow introduced him to us as this years new head gamekeeper, Seneca Crane. We were then invited to sit down with them and drink the champagne severed.

It was a perfect meeting, I'd never of expected to go so well. The only thing though, was the weird smell of overly sweet roses, manufactured by the Capitol no doubt and blood. The room smelt slightly of blood.

We had two weeks to get our design, we'd been told everything we had to include. We needed a big round room, for them to actually control the games and a room for the mentors to collect sponsors for their tributes, with lots of chairs, tables and of course a TV, so you wouldn't miss any of the games! It also needed a grand lobby and of course, to look breath-taking on the outside too.

We were then taken to the hotel. The hotel would be our home, we would sleep in the rooms, eat in the restraunts and work in the big conference room. We all had our own room to ourselves, with a big double bed, a desk, a sofa area with a TV and a bathroom with a shower with hundreds of buttons. My room was bigger than some of the poorer people's houses in District 2. Even though we were the wealthiest district, we still had miners, who got all the stone for the buildings and weapons, they are poor.

We slaved over the plans all day, day turned into days until we'd been at the Capitol for a week. We hadn't got much time left, one week to get it perfected and up to Capitol standard and Capitol standard was very high. Lavina still tired to make my life hell, it was very hard for her though, I was so happy and over the moon all the time she found it hard to upset me. I loved the Capitol, the culture was so amazing and August kept praising me on all my ideas, so much more than anyone else. That possibly annoyed Lavina, she was known as one of the best, if not the best architect in District 2.

Unfortunately, eventually the last week had to end, as well as going home and leaving all the luxury behind, we had to please President Snow and Seneca Crane with our design. I felt quite confident of our design as we had worked hard, of course I felt nervous too, we were showing it to please the President on Panem!

We were taken to the pretty building with the stone flowers again. This time, I was put into a white dress, covered in coral flowers. My stylist told me his friend, Cinna, designed it. He also said his friend was going to the games to style the tributes, which is a pretty amazing achievement.

We entered the same room with the big ceilings and just like last time, President Snow and Seneca Crane were already there. We sat down with all our notes, folders and drawings and showed each one. We discussed our ideas and the best way for the builders to tackle our design and showed them how it could look inside and how it would look like on the outside.

At the end, when we had shown them everything, Seneca Crane nodded. He said it would work and fit well around his plans for the 74th Hunger game. President Snow said that it would make the sponsors feel at home and it would fit in as a building well in the Capitol, especially as the Hunger Games headquarters. He said if he ever needed someone to design a new building again, he would be sure to ask us for assistance.

As we travelled home on the train, I couldn't help but smile. I slept most of the way back to 2, as I was so exhausted. I dreamt of statement outfits, bold decorations and the delicate stone decorations. The Capitol was a million times more amazing than I had originally thought. I'd experienced the luxury first hand and I lived in one of the districts. I'd done something so few had done before.


There was one thing that I didn't want to remember, the smell of sweet roses and blood.

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