The Supernaturals

Four friends, they have one thing in common. They each have a supernatural power. The day they turn sixteen they will uncover their power and find out secrets. Will their friendship survive the change? Will they be able to act human and remain unnoticed?


1. The Powers


"Happy birthday, Storm!" I greeted, giving my best friend a hug and passing her her present. Storm has dark brown hair, close to black. She says that one day she will dye her hair blue black. 

"Aw, thanks, Alex!" Storm thanked me. Her blue eyes staring into my green eyes. My name is Alex, short for Alexandra. 

"Happy birthday, that present is from both of us." Lewis cut in. Holding his hand behind his back.

"No, no! It's just from me, Lewis didn't spend a penny on it." I told her, giving Lewis a push. 

"I was joking! You don't have to take everything so seriously! Anyways, here's your present." Lewis said, passing Storm her present. 

"Thanks, Lewis." She thanked, giving him a small smile. 

"I'm here!" Sam called, running to us. His blond hair sticking up in all directions. Some of the slutty girls sniggered, funny thing is that one of the girls, Rachel, actually dated Sam for six months. Everyone falls for Sam at least once. I admit, I have fallen for him once. But that was a few years ago. 

Sam gave Storm her present and she thanked him. 

"Do you guys wanna bunk school and give Storm the birthday she deserves?" Sam suggested. His blue eyes almost sparkling with excitement. Sam's a daredevil. Always up to do absolutely anything. 

"No! No way!" Storm nearly shouted. She's too much of a goody goody to bunk school. She wouldn't bunk even if someone offered her a million pounds. 

"No, I can't. Got art today and I need to finish this painting I'm working on." Lewis mumbled. Not wanting to say anything. He's too shy to speak his mind. I'm the exact opposite to him, people think we are going to be exactly alike as we're twins. I'm outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind. Lewis and I look alike. We both have warm brown hair and green eyes, except his eyes have a small amount of brown in them. 

"No, my mum would ground me forever if she found out I bunked school!" I told Sam. 

"Fine. We can meet at the park after school. Four o'clock?" Sam suggested as his previous plan didn't go well. 

"Sure." We all said in unison. 

At ten to four, me and Lewis walked to the park. We didn't talk. When we arrived Storm was sitting on a bench on her phone. She was most likely playing Doodle Jump as she was tilting her phone. 

"Hiya." I said, making Storm jump out of her skin.

"Hey. Did you see Sam on the way?" She asked and we both shook our heads.

"He's most likely late, no surprise if he is. Maybe he got grounded." I told her. 

"True. Maybe he text us. Check your phones." Storm said quickly and pulled her phone out of her grey shoulder bag. 

I pulled my shitty pink Samsung out of my jeans pocket. It was one of the old slide phones, Lewis broke my HTC. His HTC got run over so he borrowed mine and dropped it into a puddle. He got a new HTC within the first week and I have been stuck with my three-year-old phone for three months now. I'm never letting him borrow my phone again. 

"Nope." Me and Lewis said together. 

"Same here." Storm sulked. We waited half an hour and then we saw Sam running up to us holding a plastic bag in one hand.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I got some cookies. Very long line." Sam said, breathing heavily. 

"Oh. It's OK." Storm hissed at him. Obviously very annoyed at him. Sam pulled the packet of cookies out of the plastic bag and handed a cookie to each of us.

"Thanks." We all said together between mouthfuls of cookie. 

It was a packet of five cookies and there were four of us, so Sam broke the fifth cookie into equal quarters and passed us each a quarter. 

"Have you had a nice birthday?" I asked Storm and she nodded then frowned.

"Brilliant. It's Megan and her fellow sluts." Storm scowled. Megan hates Storm. Maybe because Storm is ten times prettier than her or that her crush dated Storm instead of her. 

"Hey! It's Storm. What a shit name! What's your mum’s name? Hurricane?" Megan mocked and her fellow sluts laughed in unison. 

"Shut. The. Hell. Up." Storm growled and stood up. Suddenly the air grew cold and the wind became strong. Leaves from trees blew everywhere. We all stared at Storm in shock. She was changing the weather. Storm clenched her hands into tight fists and she was shaking. 

I looked up at the clouds and saw they had turned grey and drops of rain splattered on my face. A rumble echoed from the sky and a lightning bolt struck a tree and it immediately caught on fire. 

"Storm! Calm down!" I yelled through the wind. "They're pathetic!" and suddenly the wind became calm and the rain stopped. 

Megan and her fellow sluts let out some giggles and ran away. Obviously very scared.

"What the hell just happened?" Storm whispered. 

"Someone can control the weather." Lewis mumbled quietly and we all looked at Storm in shock. 

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