The Supernaturals

Four friends, they have one thing in common. They each have a supernatural power. The day they turn sixteen they will uncover their power and find out secrets. Will their friendship survive the change? Will they be able to act human and remain unnoticed?


2. Not A Coincidence


“Storm, I think someone has powers.” I laughed. She glared at me.

“Don’t be silly. It was a coincidence. Magic isn’t real.” She hissed at me.

“Magic isn’t real my ass.” Lewis mumbled, only to receive a punch from Storm.

“Hey! Don’t punch him.” I yelled.

“Sorry.” Storm mumbled. “I’m going to tell my parents, I know they will think it’s completely stupid.” And she walked off.

“Come on Lew, let’s go home.” I said to my brother.

“OK.” Lewis mumbled and followed me. We left Sam all alone.

“Thanks guys!” I heard him call out to us.

I saw Lewis turn and wave out of the corner of my eye. When we got home we walked in and took our shoes off.

“Did you see that storm? I’m surprised it stopped quickly. I’m glad you two are both safe. There isn’t strange going on with Storm?” Mum asked us. Me and Lewis looked at each other. Did mum know she had special powers? I know that our parents knew each other when they were at school too.

“Yeah, um, she kinda started the storm. Call us crazy but I’m not lying!” I told her.

“No one can start Storms. It’s just her parents called this morning, they were worried she was getting bullied or something.

“These girls do take the pee out of her sometimes.” Lewis mumbled.

“Language Lewis! Who?” Mum barked.

“These girls, Megan and her followers.” Lewis informed her. Looking her in the eye.

“Oh, I will call her parents and let them know.” Mum said and walked into the kitchen to grab the phone. Lewis ran up the stairs into his bedroom. I walked up the stairs slowly and went into my room and grabbed my old laptop that I had inherited off of my nan.

I logged onto Facebook and sent Storm a message.

Me: Hey, so what did your parents think?

Storm: Hey, they think I am bonkers. It must have been a coincidence. Magic can’t exist, it’s impossible.

As soon as I saw the message I knew she was lying.

Me: You’re a terrible liar. You know that right?

Storm: I’m not lying!

Me: You know you are! Just spill out the truth. I won’t tell anyone, you can trust me, can’t you?

Storm: Fine, I give up. My mum has a special power. She controls the elements. My mum, your mum, your Dad and Sam’s mum were all friends and had powers too. I’m not supposed to tell you because it reveals your secret too. You can’t tell anyone!

Me: Bloody hell. I have a power?!

Storm: Yeah, but you don’t get it until the day you turn sixteen. That’s the day when your power is mature enough for you to control, before then it is weak. Sometimes you can use it, but it’s so weak you don’t notice it. This power links us all together. There are many more like us. The powers get passed down and vary slightly.

Me: Wow. I can’t wait till I’m sixteen now!

Storm: Don’t get to excited. Your power maybe disappoint you.

Me: OK.

We’re all magical. Wow. I wanted to tell Lewis, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise to him. Anyway, our birthday is in a few weeks.


“Alex! Alex! Wake up! I need to tell you something!” Lewis hissed in my ear. It was 6:30 AM, I had to get up anyway.

“What?” I mumbled groggily.

“You won’t believe this! I read mum and dad’s mind! It was weird.” Lewis hissed at me.

“Huh? What? You read mum and dad’s mind? Try reading mine.” I mumbled. I thought of a funny joke I meant to tell him last night. After ten seconds, Lewis burst out laughing.

“That is the most funniest joke ever!” He laughed.

“Wow. I wonder what my powers are.” I muttered. Lewis looked at me confused and I explained everything Storm told me and walked down to the kitchen at the same time.

“Woah, you knew the whole time? Why didn’t you tell me?” Lewis whispered.

“I couldn’t, Storm told me not to.” I explained, rolling my eyes.

“Oh. I wonder what your powers are.” Lewis mumbled.

“I have no idea, I hope they are cooler than yours. Don’t read my mind though, or I’ll use my powers against you.” I threatened as I poured porridge oats into a bowl.

Lewis gave me evils and grabbed a bowl down from the furthest cupboard and grabbed a box of Cheerios. I shoved my porridge into the microwave and grabbed a spoon while I waited.

“Good morning!” My mum said cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen holding presents. “Happy birthday my twinnies!” She placed our presents in front of us and got herself some breakfast.

“Thanks mum.” Lewis and me thanked and continued eating. After I finished my porridge I opened the card first. It was a simple card saying ‘Happy Birthday!’ I told mum not to bother getting anything too fancy and expensive, I only throw them away. At the bottom of the card it said ‘Good Luck’. I knew what she meant but I looked at it confused.

“Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough.” Mum whispered in my ear. 

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