Lovisa Jiae; Vampire Hunter

Slowly going to be re-uploading this a chapter a week, as I'm editing it.
A story about an Atheist daughter of two extreme Christians, and what would happen if the real, old-school vampires returned. Violence in later chapters.


1. Our Lady Mary's Academy: A Prologue.


Our Lady Mary’s Academy:  a Christian school known mostly for its strict rules and Religious Studies. A large stone building, built looking over a small British town. It is thought that it was once a manor house for a baron, whom was so lowly thought of he was put here, in the middle of nowhere. It’s here our story starts, in the hauntingly silent stone halls of Our Lady Mary’s Academy, with me, Lovisa Jiae, the rebellious, non-religious daughter of two Christians, forced into the Religious hands of Sister Jones.

I was born into a small family in a small, unknown town in the South of England. My parents were highly religious, and as soon as I was old enough to understand this, I resented it. My older brother, Jamie, moved out at the age of 17 to work in London, and soon after was offered a place at Oxford University. 

I was never good at anything creative or academic, but I could read a lot, and I wrote reviews of films and books in my spare time. I was honestly just waiting out the time that it would take for me to be old enough to move out, and join a newspaper company far, far away from here. 

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