A Tactless Duet

A little poem about the difficulties and foolishness of love. Enjoy!


1. A Tactless Duet

A Tactless Duet

by 94931355  

Hurt-dog eyes and short-stale breath— it's been hours since you left; I sing that twice-old song and dance; I've got no rhythm nor no chance.   Heart-locked here and to the last— it's been an hour since I passed that soggy, lonely, orange-lit jetty where we met, rose-faced and clumsy; and pawing at my lukewarm cell— did you read it? No, wait, don't tell. Am I worth even a pause? Or was that final poor-thought clause?   “Is it ok? Are you ok?”— do you think I sound ok? My heart is pounding out my mind and every thought comes out ill-timed— I'm to my cell and so I'm trapped and wonder now if God is apt to free us from our binding laws . . . is that just me?   Forgive me just this one faux pas.   Beyond the pale, I find loose pity; and then I hide, now aren't I silly? I'm learning now that what you meant is I'm a loon, non compos mentis, stalling for that honeyed day— sticky-sweet slow coming day. But I'm selfish, just one focus: whether it is I you notice, or whether I have badgered you. I'm losing train; no “I” in you?   My verses fall because I fall and we fall— one more faux pas— would you dare be we at all?   Oops, my bad, forgive me two.

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