One Thing........(one direction,vampires??)

So me, (emily) and my 4 bezzies are at a 1D concert,when we find out a dark secret hidden behind the boys angelic faces and voices.....they are not entirely human...


3. What the hell?

I scream, grab my bag and run, only to run into something hard,its Harry.'Carrie love,I won't hurt you....' he says getting closer to me.'Leave me alone!!' I scream.'I'm sorry Carrie...' Harry says.And then everything went black.

I wake up on a sofa, the girls all around me on the floor, still knocked out.Then I see Harry standing in the corner of the room.I scream and back up.'Why am I here? What have you done to the girls?' I scream at Harry.'They are just knocked out, they will come around in a minute.You are a vampire now love.' he answers. 'the girls will be as well when they wake up.' he adds.'What the...?' I yell at him.'look love, here's the thing, you can't ever go home, you would kill your family.They have been told that you are dead,you were killed on the way home from our concert.The girls all have similar stories.' he explains.I just sit there speechless. The rest of the boys appear as the girls start to wake up. Harry appears next to me. He puts his arms around me and says 'this was an act of love,because I love you Carrie, the same way that Zayn loves Emma, that Niall loves Ella, that Louis loves Taylor and the same way that Liam loves Chloe.' He says slowly.....

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