One Thing........(one direction,vampires??)

So me, (emily) and my 4 bezzies are at a 1D concert,when we find out a dark secret hidden behind the boys angelic faces and voices.....they are not entirely human...


4. Time for an explaination

'So Harry, when can we go home, I miss my family, and I want to tell mom that I'm ok!' I ask,and then he looks very guilty and then he hugs me even tighter,and says one word that I was dreading 'never,I'm sorry' he says, and I feel something trickle onto my head.Blood, I look at him, wait, he is crying blood,and it is all my fault. I kiss him in apology. When I pull away, he looks confused.'I'm sorry, I never meant to upset you.It was my fault.' I feel something trickle down my face, I am crying as well! I remember about my family.'why can I never see them again Harry?' I ask him quietly.'two reasons, one, they think that you are dead, and two, you will kill them.'he says.I have no reaction, as I know that I will hurt him. I look around, all of the girls were crying on the shoulders of a 1D boy, and the boy crying as they want their loved ones to be happy.

I kiss Harry again, but I know that my life will never be the same again.

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