One Thing........(one direction,vampires??)

So me, (emily) and my 4 bezzies are at a 1D concert,when we find out a dark secret hidden behind the boys angelic faces and voices.....they are not entirely human...


6. telling the truth

'Ummm, anyway mom, I have something to tell you,' I begin,oh my dayz,Caz, are you preggers?' she interupts. 'no no!' I laugh, 'not yet anyways' i say grinning at Harry. He smirks back.' Me, and Harry are, not normal. We are different to you all now. We are....we are.....we are v......v......v......v' i start 'god almighty Caz, you ain't gonna say bloody vampires are ya?' she interupts again.'ummmm,well yes mum.' I answer slowly. 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' she bellows.'Oh God, you were being serious.' she says. 'but I don't believe you though.' she says.' Make me cry mum, then you will see.' I say to her. 'your dog is dying of heartbreak. She says.I feel a tear slip out of my eye.'..............WAT?OMFG CAZ,YOUR TEARS ARE BLOODY RED!!' she screams.'yes I know mum. us vampires have no water in our systems, just blood.' I say to her.'but why aren't you killing me?' she asks, her essex talk vanishing.'I don't know mum, I don't know.' I say and look at Harry. 'He grins and starts to talk.

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