One Thing........(one direction,vampires??)

So me, (emily) and my 4 bezzies are at a 1D concert,when we find out a dark secret hidden behind the boys angelic faces and voices.....they are not entirely human...


5. Nightmares

I wake up screaming.I open my eyes to see Harry looking down at me,and my head is on his bare chest.'Are you OK love?' he says looking worried. I dreamed that me and you went to watch my family, but they were being brutally killed by another vampire.'he looks at me, and then he jumps up.Only in his boxers.I also jump up, in one of his tshirts and in one of his pairs of boxers,he looks at me and laughs,and I leap over the bed (vampire powers) and tackle him to the ground. We both laugh for a minute. When he pulls away he says to me, 'we need to go and watch over your parents.'we both get dressed and then we jump out of the window. I sprint to my old house and we sit in a tree and look through the window. My room! All of my Harry posters are on the wall still. I look to see if Harry has seen them yet,he laughs silently, and kisses me slowly on the cheek.I see a man walking up to the door.'thats him Harry, thats him!!' I scream. Harry jumps down and kills the man.. my mum looks out of the window and sees me.'Carrie,love is that you?'she asks. I look at Harry, he nods. 'yes mum,its me.' I say. 'oh Carrie, we thought that you were dead!!' she yells and then runs to the front door. When she comes out and hugs me, I have no urge to kill her. Harry looks at me, scared, I smile and shake my head at him. He looks shocked, but then he notices something. 'umm, mum this is Harry, I say. She turns to face him and then looks shocked. 'Oh my dayz Caz, its that one that you dreamed about nearly every night when you were still around, its the one that you loved like bloody mad!!!' she yells at me!!

'Yes mum, and he feels the same about me too!!'I reply

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