One Thing........(one direction,vampires??)

So me, (emily) and my 4 bezzies are at a 1D concert,when we find out a dark secret hidden behind the boys angelic faces and voices.....they are not entirely human...


2. Meeting the boys!

Wow, that concert was the best thing that I have ever seen. I just found out that we can go and meet the boys personally!!!!!! We walk backstage and see the boys chilling on beanbags. I think that there were about 50 beanbags. Bloody hell. We walk over to the boys and introduce ourselves. I am taken with Harry!! He is so sweet and the way that he looks at me.....'hey Harry!' I say 'hey beautiful' he says back. 'omigod Harry, can you sign this poster for me!?!' I scream 'yes yes ok, calm down love!' he laughs. 'Whats your name love?' he asks. 'Carrie, my name is Carrie.' I mumble.'I look around the room, Ella is talking to Niall, Emma was talking to Zayn, Taylor was talking to Louis and Chloe was talking to Liam. Then the boys manager came into the room, and said that the boys had to go somewhere. So we all left. I then noticed that I had left my bag in the room, so I went back to get it when I saw the boys, standing over a lifeless body, blood dripping from their mouths.

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