Poems Part I

A simple collection of my poetry.


3. Bedlam Wit


Bedlam Wit by 94931355   I   She is sanity and chaos and demanding ever more;   the lady of the tower has beached on foreign shore.   I look a space into her face, each eye is like a door   through which I climb finding sublime comfort ever more.   II   She is sanity and chaos— I seek her ever after;   a shepherd in the mirror is slyly leering at her.   I look a space into his face, is he the shadows' caster?   I'm growing sick and quick to find comfort ever after.   III   I've no sanity but chaos, and claim upon her weakness;   the man in muted colours has profit of her secrets.   I look a space into her face— now have I got so speechless   as to define those eyes, divine, as comfort for my weakness?
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