A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


7. The voice unravelled

“Owww, what the hell happened to my head” The pounding made my brain, begin to ache and caused the worst headache of all times. What did I do last night?

Walking into the kitchen, mum was making breakfast and told me to take a seat.  I took a paracetamol and rested my head on the table next to my orange juice.


“What’s the matter with you?” Mum asks.

“Nothing really, just this pounding pain in my head” I didn’t tell my mum about the weird feeling in my stomach or the image of mum’s blank face which is now etched in my brain. “You don’t happen to know if I hurt my head last night, Mum.”

“Hurt your head, I wish that was the only thing that happened” “oh no dear, I don’t think you hurt your head”. She smiles at me too sweetly and looks unaware that I just heard her hint at something else happening last night.

“What did you just say? You said something about you wishing that I banging my head was the only thing that happened”. “How, How can you know that?” mum says quietly, her eyes fail to meet mine, so I shout until she does.

“Mum!” “Mum, tell me now”

“Oh there’s nothing to tell, it’s just that your Grandpa went out and he hasn’t come back yet”

Grandpa, when did he go out?

“Hi Skyla, how’s your head today, does it hurt? Actually don’t answer that I can feel the pain, sorry about that, it’s just you can’t know everything yet.” The voice was back, it sounded too cheerful, but my head was saying that the happy tune was fake and being forced.

“So Skyla, I’ve got work today, so when Gramps comes back till him to phone me okay, and do not go out, okay?”

“What? I can’t go out, why what’s so bad out there that’s stopping me going out. This isn’t Paris you know, I’m not going to get mugged or even run over by a car, because in case you haven’t noticed there is NOTHING happening here to even pose a threat to me”

“Skyla. Be nice, that is your mother, let her go out and you should really stay in the house. It is dangerous out there. Wait you’ve been to Paris what’s it like there?”

“Look Skyla…”

“You know what mum just go, I’ll be fine and I will not go out, ‘kay.”

Mum walks out of the kitchen and shuts the house door, a little too loudly. Right this is important. Concentrate Skyla

“Who are you? Are you real, or are you just a figment of my imagination?”

“Finally, you ask me a question, you know it’s great to be acknowledged at last. Well I guess you have lots of questions so here goes. I am real, and yes you can hear me speaking to you even when I’m not near you. Wait Skyla let me explain first. You have met me before but you can’t recognise me. You can hear me because you are telepathic and you can also speak to me if you want.”

“You mean, all of this is real, I’m not going mad?”

“That’s funny Skyla; no you’re not going mad. Yes you can hear other people speaking and I think you know that you’ve been listening to your Mother’s and Grandfather’s conversations, that’s why they acted so weird when you answered them”

“So last night did happen? Wait a minute you were talking to me and then you went and gave me pain in my head. Why did you do that? And as soon as you left that man was here… he hurt my mum and then you came back. Why can’t I remember after that?”

“Wow, you do have a lot of questions, okay so… yes we were talking but there was a pain that came into my head, and because I was talking to you it came to you too. But Skyla you have to understand that pain came from your house and right now I’m battling just to be able to talk to you.”

“You’re in pain? Where’s the pain coming from and why can’t I feel it too?”

“The pain is coming from the barrier that is around your house. You can’t do anything to it without making you vulnerable and you aren’t prepared or ready to fight, so I’ll have to deal with it. Now, that man was at your house, and he was the one who made the pain even worse, and because he sensed me talking to you, he made my pain worse, so worse in fact I had to leave you and I’m sorry about that. I shouldn’t have left you because what he did, what he said, he shouldn’t have said that, he shouldn’t have even come to your house.

“Okay, so we were talking, then the man came, he left but after that…”

“Yeah sorry, I had to knock you out”

“Knock me out! How can you knock me out if you’re not here and why did you feel it necessary to knock me out?”

“Look okay, I knocked you out because you aren’t supposed to know what happened last night, so I just did it okay. But what’s puzzling me is that you shouldn’t even be remembering any of it, but in your head I can see last night in images”

“What prophecy?”

“I forgot about that…stop reading my mind. That’s personal”

“Oh right so I can’t read your mind, but you can read mine. That’s fair (!)”

“Okay fine, but I don’t want you seeing things that you shouldn’t be seeing, and what’s that face for, I don’t see everything in your head, I only look at things I need to know, so you do have your secrets. Well except for….”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up. From now on NO more reading my mind”

“Sorry Skyla I can’t do that”

“Fine, but I’m going to read yours then all the time. What’s this about a prophecy?”

“Sorry Skyla can’t tell you that, stop digging in my head you won’t find it there. And stop thinking about going out, I can see and hear all of your thoughts. Remember that”

The voice goes and a part of me collapses. The voice seems so familiar, but I still can’t place it.

A couple of hours later, after having my brain rotted by endless TV commercials and shopping channels with presenters that seem just a little bit too perky for real life, I stand outside the house wondering whether to leave the house or not.

I walk down the path and the tug around my stomach makes me stop and look back at the house. I can’t go back now, I went out once before and everything was fine so I can go again.

I stand at the café watching the people inside and the busy waitress placing coffee on tables and taking orders at the till. It looks too busy in there. I sit on the bench opposite the café where the man who was watching me stood.

“I thought I told you to stay inside. In fact I did tell you that, so did your mother and your grandfather”

“Well I wanted some air and since there was nothing to do at home, and the voice in my head disappeared, the only option was to go outside, and look I’m fine”.

“You’re speaking to me telepathically Skyla, you sure you want to do that”

“Of course, I want to and I need to as, if people see me sitting alone talking to myself they would think I’m mentally unstable”

“Ha yeah your right. But seriously Skyla are you sure you want to speak to me like this?”

“What’s wrong with speaking to you like this?” The boy who bumped into me sits on the bench next to me. He places his hands on his lap and sits diagonal so his knees are nearly touching mine.

“Hello again” he says.

“Erm hi…”

“Erm hi... is that how you address people?”

“No it isn’t, but it is how I address weird boys, who bump into me and sit so close they are nearly touching me”

“Someone seems upset. What’s wrong chuck, your boyfriend's run off with your sister?”

“Ha ha, I don’t have a sister or a boyfriend”. Why did I just tell him that, know it proves that I’m lonely.

“He seems nice. And well done on admitting you don’t have a boyfriend, you’ve really shown him whose boss.” The voice says. “Look what was I supposed to say? Sorry can’t talk right now boy, I’m currently having a conversation with a voice in my head”

A voice in my head. A voice in my head.

“It’s you. You’re the voice in my head. You’re who’s talking to me telepathically”

“Ok-ay, look dear are you feeling alright?”

Okay so maybe blurting out and accusing him of being a voice in my head is wrong and makes me look like I am mentally unstable, but his voice is the one in my head. I’m certain of it

“Look, okay you are the voice in my head, you think I can’t match two voices up, yes your voice in my head seems a little deeper but you are the same person with the same voice”.

“How did you know? I disguised my voice; you shouldn’t have been able to figure it out, especially so quickly” he says to me. Looking puzzled and a little angry that I figured out his charade.

“Of course I’m angry Skyla, something failed, when I was speaking to you, you shouldn’t have been able to recognise me, so something’s wrong”

“I told you no more reading my mind so keep out”. I stand up and cross my arms.

“Wait Skyla, it’s not safe for you to be here alone, why did you even come. You made me come here”

“Whoa, I didn’t make you do anything and you can read my mind so why didn’t you stop me from coming. Why have you even come out?” he stands up and his height makes me have to look up at him and he has to look down to me.

“Skyla, I don’t read your mind all the time, I only do it when I want to. And I had to come because you came out alone without protection and after last night didn’t you learn there is trouble here. Stop reading my mind, I can feel you prodding my brain”

“It’s not very nice is it? You going to stop reading my mind then?”

“Skyla stop talking to me telepathically”

“Why what’s wrong?” Before I can say anything else though, everything starts to spin and I fall forward.

“That’s why you can’t speak to me that way; it hurts you and makes you collapse”

I try and speak but nothing will come, I try and move my arms but nothing happens, so I have to stay leaning on him, with him holding me up right. The next thing I know, everything goes black and I’m gone fully.

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