A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


2. The Arrival

Wow international flights are a killer! You can obviously tell that I've just flown 11 hours. My normal blue-grey eyes are shadowed with huge saucer-like dark circles. My pale skin is even paler if that's even possible, making me looks like I've just spent the entire flight barfing in those little bags, which I didn't by the way. Even my hair is playing up and not wanting to follow my orders. One side of my dark brown hair has its usual tight curls but the other is stuck up in every direction. Definitely letting everyone know which side I prefer to sleep on when I'm flying. But I didn't fly all these hours to stay in the airport bathroom, so off I go.

There she was, stood watching everyone around her and missing nothing. That was my mother for you. Her looks hadn't been altered by the plane, oh no she still looked perfect, but of course she does, she doesn't have a bad side or look to her. Her natural blonde hair (which I say is impossible at her age) sits on her shoulders all straight and not at all stuck up. Her height (which I certainly did not have) made it possible for her not to need heels, but she wore them anyway. When I stood next to her she made me look like a dwarf. Of course, my height was normal, well it was for me, I had at least 5foot and 5 inches, which for me was perfect because who wants to be tall and stick thin? My mother and I shared no similarities, she had straight hair I had wavy, and she had brown eyes whereas I had bluey-grey.

But we didn't just have differences in appearance; she was constantly on watch and could sense any trouble coming her way. I often walked into trouble, literally sometimes.

I decided on my way up to her, I should try to lighten the mood and get on her good side because I still don't know why we came from Paris to Colorado in the first place. One. Two. Three.

"Don't even try it young lady, I knew where you were as soon as you left the bathroom". "Grow up will you, I mean seriously the 'boo game', act your age"

She was mad.

"Now come on dear the taxis here"

'Dear', she was feeling sorry that she shouted at me but not sorry enough to stop bossing me around. I followed her like a child, head down looking at the floor, not knowing where I was going.

SPLASH! Shit I've bumped into someone and spit his coffer everywhere.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry Sir. I wasn't looking where I was going, here let me help you"

"No no I'm okay young lady. You didn't even spill my coffee as I've finished it"

Looking at this man, I was shocked someone like this would even be in an airport. He had thinning hair and an older looking face. I couldn't tell if he was in his thirties or his late fifties. But either way I'd bumped into him and made him spill the last bit of his coffee, so I owed him an apology.


Mum, she'd figured I wasn't following her and is now getting even angrier.

"I'm sorry sir, please let me buy you a new coffee"

"Oh don't worry darling, that won't be necessary, I'm leaving anyway and you should go too"

But before I had the chance to say 'bye' he had gone. I began walking to the main doors, but turned around, searching the crowds for this short man with the thinning brown hair. He was nowhere to be seen. He'd gone, weird though as I was blocking the only entrance and he hadn't passed me.

"Bye Skyla. I'll be seeing you soon"

What! What was that? That man he spoke in my head! I'm sure of it. "Pull it together Skyla, you're hearing things, you're just tired from the flight. That's all" No matter how much I tried to explain the talking with logic, there was still a niggling thought at the back of my mind.

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