A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


6. His voice

What? Were they both talking about me? Oh of course they were, they’re both hiding something from me and I want to know what it is. But wait. They said, that they will tell this girl the truth soon because the people could get her. And what mess up? So there was a barrier, I didn’t just imagine it, I knew there was something hitting me when I left and came near the house. But what’s the need of a barrier?

All the thoughts, kept hitting the inside of my skull for a couple of minutes after Grandpas phone call with mum, but one eluded me until I begun to go downstairs, to watch Grandpa’s reactions around me. How could I have heard him and mum talking if my bedroom door was shut and they were talking on the phone? I mean, I know Grandpa is getting old but he wouldn’t shout down a phone, especially because that conversation he would want kept a secret. Something is going on here and I need to find out.

Looking at grandpa he seemed fine, in fact he seemed composed but something told me he was hiding something and keeping up a façade around me. I looked at the phone – it hadn’t even moved. Why was he hiding the conversation from me?

The phone flew from the table and landed on the floor with a crash.

Grandpa turned round and stared at the floor. “What? How did that happen? Did I do that?” The voice was in my head, but it wasn’t mine it was Grandpa’s. I could hear my Grandpa’s thoughts – but that’s impossible. Staring straight into my eyes, I felt Grandpa’s curiosity and my stubbornness made me hold my gaze with him to watch what he would do. Grandpa picked the phone up, and walked back to the ice-cream bowls.

“Here you go Skyla, ice-cream”

What he’s just going to ignore it, the phone just flew from the table and he’s just going to ignore it and give me ice-cream. Tell me Grandpa.

“Skyla, there’s something I need to tell you”. Gramps sits down and motions for me to sit too. He’s going to tell me something, but there’s a look in his eyes, like he’s being forced to tell me, wouldn’t he be happy telling me something?

“Skyla …”

“I’m home! How are my two favourite people, I smell pizza tell me you both saved me some”. Mum was home, now I had no chance in Grandpa telling me anything.

“Yes Gramps, what do you want to say?”

Mum glares at Grandpa, “oh nothing dear, nothing at all”. I pick up my ice-cream and head to my room, but I pause half way up the stairs.

“Dad what were you doing? You better not have told her anything.” “Bethan she needs to know” Hearing them both speak unsettles me, and leaves a lasting feeling in my stomach. So fed up with all the secrecy, I shout “You know I can both hear you, if you’re planning on whispering at least do it a little quieter”. I close my bedroom door.

A couple of hours, when I’m just falling to sleep, I hear someone go out, but I’m not sure who and I don’t bother to check, because for some reason they’ve both been avoiding me since I told them I could hear them. The phone falling off the table was still bugging me though. I have no idea how on earth it is possible that it could fall off by itself. Hey maybe I have powers. I laugh at that thought because having powers seems a childish thought.

“No it isn’t childish, and maybe Skyla you should try it”. That voice, I still cannot find a source for, pops into my head.

“What? What happened with a phone? Oh I get it, the phone flew off the table, yes Skyla that wasn’t natural and Skyla you did it”

WHAT? I did it, that’s impossible and any way what am I doing listening to an imaginary voice in my head. Keep calm Skyla and go to sleep.

“Don’t go to sleep yet. Try something, move something… yes move that photo frame that’s on your desk, go on try it.”

The photo frame comes flying towards me and hits the wall behind my head. I duck out the way, before it could hit me, and pick up the frame looking at the image it holds. It’s of me, my mum and Gramps of all of us hugging and me getting squashed between them both. The photo was taken the last time we were here, which must have been at least 13 years ago. The little me, is gazing up at my mum, but for the first time I see that my mum is looking out towards the distance, not focused on the photo being taken, and Gramps is staring at her. My mum looks like she is in pain.

Turning the photo frame around in my hands, the thought hits me. The photo frame flew. It actually flew.

“Oh well done Skyla you can now use your powers, but will you at least learn all of your powers and hurry up doing it please. Wait… do you feel that, that pulling, owww that hurts…”

The voice cuts off immediately, and sends me a jolt of pain. What was that?


My mum. Her voice. She’s in pain too, I can feel it. Jumping out of bed, I run for the stairs. But something hits me

“Stay right there young lady, don’t move”. The voice comes from the kitchen. But hearing my mum’s voice echoing in my head, I run towards the kitchen.

“STOP! I said don’t move, do you want your mother to get hurt?” The man, I recognised him. He was at the airport. The old man whose coffee I spilt, is standing in my kitchen, shouting at me and threatening my mum’s life. My mum, she’s gazing at the door, but completely blanked out in the face.

“Mum … mum talk to me, what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry Skyla, your mum is completely fine, if you do as I say”

“What d-do you want?”

The man smirks at laughs and “What I want, can’t you tell, me Go on, I can see you want to scream and shout, just try it and see what happens”

My mum’s face comes back into my view, and for a second she looks at me, but I see no recognition in her eyes, in fact, she looks completely hollow and blank.

“Just take what you want, but please don’t hurt us.”

“Take what I want, wow I thought this would have been harder that’s why I came instead one of the others, go on Skyla, put up a fight, after all your supposed to be powerful”

“Me? How do you know my name? What do you want? Who are you?”

“We are all powerful Skyla, we all have a chance and soon you will have yours, so choose wisely”

I watched the man walk out the door, as bold as brass, and my mum’s head slams down onto the table.

“Mum!” Wake up please, please be alright.

The voice comes back in my head “Everything’s alright he’s gone now, you’re safe. But I’m sorry Skyla, that I’ve got to do this, but you cannot know anything yet”

I fall to the floor.

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