A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


1. Blurb


What happens when you descend from angels? What happens when you have powers you never knew about? What happens if your whole life has been a lie?

Well trouble happens...

My mum and Grandpa kept the biggest secret from me - that I come from the angels who created the world.

Coming from the angels is bad enough, but when the angels want to take over the world again, and destroy the humans, something must be done.

But a war is coming and I'm in the centre of it.

I've been told; that I'm the most powerful angel there is that's why the angels want me.

So what can I do?

My whole life, I've been secretly running, but now is the time to FIGHT!

With my Mum and Grandpa at my side, I can't promise we will save the humans, but I'll give it my best.

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