A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


3. A unexpected warning

The taxi jolted to a stop. The driver had clearly becoming annoyed with mum's constant nagging and was glad we had arrived at our destination. I'd got bored with mum and had fallen asleep as soon as we left the airport car park. At least the sleep on the plane was peaceful, this one had mum. Her voice had even begun to invade my dream and when that started I woke awake suddenly.

"Girls, girls you're her"

The old man came running the best he could out of his house. He stopped at my car side and waited for me to get out.

"Skyla, my baby girl I can't believe you've come"

He grabbed me into a huge bear hug squeezing me so hard I began to splutter from the lack of air. He lowered me to the ground and put me at arm's length taking me in.

"Grandpa, stop staring, I've grown since the last time I saw you"

"I know you have dear, it's just you look so much like your gran did when she was your age"

Before we both welled up and disgraced ourselves in front of the taxi driver, I turned around and picked up my suitcase.

"So Grandpa my room, wait let me guess that room up there"

I pointed to the bedroom at the front of the house, with the large window that stuck out a little from the rest of the house. I bet that window had a view of the whole area. Grandpa nodded and I found my way inside.

I was right; this room had a view of the town and also a view of some of the mountains. I guess I'm lucky that this is my room, it may be the smallest in the house but it's bigger than the flat we had back in Paris. The walls are a pale blue; the beds in the centre of the room against the wall. I have a chair and a wardrobe. But my favourite part of the room is the window seat.

"But what are you doing here Bethan. What happened in Paris, I thought you were safe there. That they couldn't find her, I mean Paris it's as far away as it could be from all of this."

"I know dad but they found us. They found her!"

"Does she know why you've moved here?"

"No of course she doesn't, I'm not that stupid, all she knows is that I got her bags packed and when she came home I was waiting in the taxi"

"Good, good at least she doesn't know why you suddenly up packed and moved half way across the world"

"Dad, do you think they'll find her? I mean we're with you and so close to the centre of it all. I can't let them find her, I just can't lose her"

"I hope not Bethan, but if they do come, we've got to be ready for it. We've protected her, her entire life. But does she know anything about herself, what she can do?"

"No she doesn't, I've never told her and anyway she can't find out. It'll hurt her so much; it'll change everything she knows"

'Change everything she knows'. 'Find her'. 'Protect her'. What are they talking about? Who are they talking about? "Think about it Skyla. They're talking about you". If they're talking about me, and we ran from Paris, then who are we running from and who wants me. Wait, wait what did Grandpa say? 'Does she know anything about herself, what she can do?' What can I do? I'm normal, a normal seventeen year old girl. I'm nothing special. I've got to ask them. But if they wanted me to know they would tell, wouldn't they? I should know it's all about me anyway...

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