A Broken Angel

Angels have been around since the beginning. Skyla has been around for 17 years. Can this 17-year-old-half-angel, beat the creators? Winning this war, could mean losing her family and her boy. Is it worth it?


5. A new boy


Not again, I swear I’ve got to stop bumping into people.

“Oh sorry sorry, I didn’t see you there” he said

“That’s fine; I was just stood here, minding my own business, just wondering when the next person will crash into me”

Looking at his face, I wanted to feel annoyed that I’d crashed into another person, but I couldn’t because well… he was… hot!

He had crystal blue eyes nothing like mine and his face stood out with his blonde hair. Looking at him I knew he liked to work out – his arms in his coat were only just being held in place, and the way he was stood looking down at me, reassured me that he was comfortable. Oh did I forget to mention, he was another giant at nearly reaching 6 foot. Standing next to this guy must have made me look particularly short. We must have been the same age, but for some reason he looked older, more aged.

“Sorry about that, didn’t see you there”

“What in the middle of a deserted path, what were you, running with your eyes closed?”

“Oh no, the new girl knows my secret now, don’t tell anyone will you love”

“Okay for starters I have no idea who you are and don’t really want to find out and I am not your love”

“You could be if you want too, do you want to?”

“Erm let me think here. It is a toughie. Right I’ve decided… no I don’t want to be your love, in fact I want to get away from you right now”

“Dear you’ve broken my heart”

“You’ve got to have one first and if you speak like that to all girls round here, I’m surprised anyone wants to be near you”

“Oh they do dear; they queue for miles just to stand near me”

“Okay too much information. I’m leaving now. Bye”       

I walked away before he could say anything else to me. What is it with Colorado boys; I hope the rest aren’t like this.

Walking back up to Grandpa’s house, I turn around and admire the view of the entire area. I can see for miles just at the top of this hill, and I can see loads more from my bedroom window.

“Wait. Wait. What’s that there” I squint in the direction of the café. There’s something stood there. Watching me. “Okay Skyla, just blink and the thing will have gone, that boy must have bumped your head”. I blink. It’s still there. “What is that?” But as the thing begins to move, my instincts kick in and I begin to run back to the house.

“It’s okay Skyla. I’ve got this. Just go back inside where it is safe for you”

That voice. It’s there again. It sounds so familiar but I just can’t picture the guy. My brain feels mushy. Almost as if my brain is stopping me from acknowledging the voice, but I’m doing it anyhow.

Grandpa’s house seems a little quieter than usual, and it’s not because no one is here. My gut is telling me that yes nothing is here now, but something was here before me. The tightening feeling must have unsettled me, because it was there again when I came near the house.

“It MUST be a reaction to this altitude”. It’s got to be, I can’t really be hearing voices in my head can I? “No Skyla you cannot, the voice you hear is just from a lack of oxygen and the tightening is just from not wanting to go out. So toughen up, you’ve got to get use to the altitude, you’re in flaming Colorado for god’s sake”. But no matter how many times I tell myself this, even if I say it in my head; out loud; at the top of my voice, there is still doubt in my mind.

“Hello dear, you back yet?”

Grandpa. He’s home late. It’s nearly 6ºclock, but then again mum isn’t even back yet.

“Gramps you’re home late. Did you have fun on your date, what was her name again?”

“She was called, eh eh eh you aren’t getting that out of me young lady, because I didn’t tell you her name, and I can come back at any time I like. I’m a man of the town. Mr popular, the cool guy, the…”

“Yeah right Gramps, you’re really Mr Cool. So Mr Cool, what’s for dinner, I’m starving.”

“Growing kids, these days, all they want to do is eat”

“You grew up to Gramps”

“Well I suppose I did, so for dinner tonight at Chez Gramps, it is...”

In a cheesy Italian accent – “pepperoni pizza, with garlic bread and for dessert ice-cream”.

“Oo Mamma Mia, we’re all going Italian. But let me guess, it’s all out of the Freezer”

“Yes dear, it’s man’s best invention – the freezer”

Me and Gramps sat down to eat his new masterpiece, without mum of course. But it had become so regular that she isn’t here that I don’t even set her a place anymore.

“So Gramps, what’s the name of the lady, who works at the café, who has a southern drawl?”


Shrinking back in my seat I ask the question again, but I know not to press the matter because Grandpa’s face is staring with his eyes set on destruction

“I said, what is the name of the southern lady who works at the café?”

“Where have you been today? Who gave you permission to go out alone? Did anyone talk to you? Did anyone ask who you were?” Grandpa shouts.

“Whoa Gramps, what’s with all the question? yes I went out because I can’t stay inside all day and  no one gave me permission because I thought that at seventeen I could go out by myself. obviously people spoke to me, I went to the café so I had to speak to the waitress to get served, and the waitress asked who I was, so I said I was your granddaughter. What’s wrong, you’re starting to look like you want to punch something?”

“I’m sorry, dear I shouldn’t have shouted, it’s just we don’t want people finding out that you really should be in a school that’s all. And of course you can go out, you don’t need to have permission, I guess I’m use to you being a little girl. Sorry Skyla”

“That’s all right, Grandpa”. But of course it wasn’t really, and watching his tone suddenly shift from placid to anger, had scared me so much, I didn’t want to be near him right now.

“Is it alright if I take my pizza to my room?”

“Of course you can dear; in fact have a few more slices”

He handed me two more slices and I made my way upstairs. As I left the room I eyed him suspiciously and he eyed me too. I needed to know the real reason because the authorities finding out that I wasn’t at school is highly unlikely because I did go to school in Paris, and I doubt it that the American government has any interest in me at all. I felt Grandpa’s stare on me all the way up the stairs until he was unable to see me.

Closing my bedroom door, I began to pace around my room, not wanting the pizza anymore, I put it down on my dresser. What was Grandpa’s problem? Why is it such a big deal that I went out and spoke to people? Does he think something will happen to me if I go out alone, because hello this is Colorado not central Paris. But then again mum could be a bit iffy when it came to me going out alone sometimes, but I always put it down to wanting to protect me from the local pick-pocking crew, that possessed the streets of Paris.

“Bethan answer me, it’s important. It’s about Skyla. She’s done something.”

“What? What’s wrong dad, what’s Skyla done?”

“She spoke to the waitress in the café down town, so by now her name and her presence will be all over Mountain Village”

“What? Dad you’ve got to do something, they can’t find her”

“It’s alright Bethan, I’ll do my best to keep her safe, but we’ve got to set some rules, as she knows nothing. Maybe we should tell her, it’ll be easier”

“No dad, we don’t tell her, she can never find out, she needs to have a normal life. They can’t find her”

“Well if they are good enough and we have another mess up, then they’ll find her, and she will have no idea what to do. Bethan she NEEDS to know”

“Okay, but not yet, when it is completely necessary, but wait, if she went out, how did she get pass the barrier. I thought you put one around the house?”

“Oh I did dear, it appears that the prophecy is true, and she is strong. Bethan do you, you feel that like another force in your mind?”

“Yeah I do, at first I just thought it was you and the barrier, but now it’s stronger, too strong to just be a barrier. You don’t think it’s …”

“Yes dear, I think it is”.

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