The Sun

Guess why this guy is so happy.


1. The Sun


The cloudy sky is raining petals,

Vivid colours settle on my head,

Others think it's the rain that falls,

But it's been raining petals since her bed,


As I stroll through this quiet town,

The fragrance of flowers rouse and stir,

I feel like I'm wearing Flora's crown,

A kingly gift from the gardens of her,


This boundless bloom will surely last,

It's been many hours since our parting,

This mornings Spring still holds me fast,

Its sunny harmonies I hum and sing,


Around me the falling petals rest,

Chromatic puddles of luster rise,

There's a certain colour I like best,

Because it reminds me of certain eyes,


I walk by people who look grim and weary,

Their worried faces gloomy and grey,

But my expression is bright and cheery,

Do others think this a Winters day?


Who could think of lightless Winter,

When the days of Spring have just begun,

When every thought is a flower of her,

When in every memory, I see the sun.

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