Primrose Path

I often stumble across phrases for which I dont know the intended meaning... If I find the meaning interesting or relevant to any life experience, I base some words around it...

In this instance, Primrose is the supposedly easy, luxurious path through life that some people seemingly have access too... which I found related to a relationship I once knew and become the opening idea for the prose..



1. Primrose Path


You fall to ruin for love

Along the Primrose Path... 

Before she was 

my heart 

Never, my heart

but morphine 

for the soul.

and maybe that was all

she could ever 

hope to be


you see

The fragility of your esteem, 


so temporary 

Fortified my belief

You were foolish / gold to me 

Along the Primrose Path

how could I exchange

such laughter for lust

such beauty for trust

and still..

I miss 

the damning consequence

of your raging 

feline eyes 

(and how I wish 

they were mine)

You fool to ruin and love


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