stuck on shore

A group of american girls are on their way to Britain for college while the worlds famous boy band one direction is on a vacation to go back home. They end up on the same plane but what happens when it crashes on an island. Will they go back home? Are people actually looking for them? Or are they long forgotten?


2. lavender's bio

hello i'm lavender but you can call me lavey. :) im 18 and have a job in an old but cozy cafe shop called The Creame` Cafe. I'm a straight a+ student but i'm not a nerd just to tell you. I don't study 24 7 I just remember stuff easily in class so when we have an exam i solve from memory. My friends say that i have super powers that allow me to remember things from one look but its not true. At least i think not. Any way my favorite color is purple like my name :). My grandma owns a flower shop at the end of the street and when you pass by it you could smell the jasmines, tulips, camellias, daffodils, and of course lavenders. That's where my name came from you see flower names stand for something like mine stands for devotion and love. :]. Any way let's leave flowers for a while because i'm probably boring you with all the information. I'm in a band called The Melodies and i play piano. :D. I just love the sound of it. My first piano was a gift from my mom. She and dad had a long talk about it then decided to get it for me. I was four then. After that was all a blur. I remember my dad leaving though. He said that we will be together and that he will never change. But I knew it was a lie. Mom and I moved that day to start a new life. That's where i met my friends Heart,Amber, Sam, and Nikki. My mom and I are fine now. She has a job at a school as a teacher which pays our bills and I work as at a cafe. So you could say i'm pretty happy. This is getting really long so i'll see you later.

infinite x's and o's

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