stuck on shore

A group of american girls are on their way to Britain for college while the worlds famous boy band one direction is on a vacation to go back home. They end up on the same plane but what happens when it crashes on an island. Will they go back home? Are people actually looking for them? Or are they long forgotten?


1. heart's bio


Hai :3 my name is Heart but you can call me Haribo bear(don’t ask where that came from). I’m 18 and currently trying to find a job. It’s not like my parents don’t have money.  It’s just that they don’t want to lend it to me!! I guess they are still not over last time. If you’re wondering what happened here it is: I was burrowing a few dollars from mom so I can buy the new assassin’s creed game!! So I went to virgin and got it when I came back mom was screaming about a thief stealing her money so I stepped in to explain, and when I was done she asked me why I did it without her permission. I told her that she said that I could use her money when she was outside without asking if it was an emergency. She told me that a “childish” game is not an emergency. Can you believe it??!! She just called one of the best games ever invented childish!! I mean hello its assassin’s creed for Pete’s sake!!  And don’t try to ask me who Pete is because I don’t know. Anyway she told me to go upstairs and that I was grounded!! Humph! Not fair if you ask me. But enough of that story for now. My favorite color is red like my name’s color. I also have to warn you to not put me near food because I won’t eat I’ll DEVOUR it. :D. Oh I almost forgot to mention I’m in a band called The Melodies and I’m the bass!! See you guys later!!

;) xoxoxox 

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