stuck on shore

A group of american girls are on their way to Britain for college while the worlds famous boy band one direction is on a vacation to go back home. They end up on the same plane but what happens when it crashes on an island. Will they go back home? Are people actually looking for them? Or are they long forgotten?


3. Dawn's bio

Hey!!  I'm Dawn and my friends call me D or Donny :). I'm 18 and have a job with my friend lavender at The Creame` Cafe. My favorite color is creamy brown or maroon in French. Which i totally suck at. I mean I've been trying to get my average up but its not working!! I even asked the genius lavender but even that doesn't work. :(. Oh well i guess i'll just have to work harder now. I have an older brother called Noah but he isn't my real brother. He is like one to me though :). I'm adopted you see. My mom died while giving birth and my dad of depression for my mom. I don't cry for them a lot but i miss the idea of them and mostly wonder how they were like. But my step-parents are nice :). They are the best parents I could ever hope for. Oh i almost forgot I'm in a band called The Melodies. :D I play the guitar!!!! Hell yeah!! :] And don't take us as amateurs we are really good. The only reason we haven't got a record deal is because they don't appreciate the fact that we still play in Sam's basement -.-" But they will one day!!! Mark my words!!! But until then i guess I should introduce you to the band. First up we have Heart the childish and loud one who is the bass, then the sweet and mature lavender who play piano, the confident and girliest one of us Nikki who is surprisingly the drumer, and of course our lead singer Samantha ( Sam for short) the shy yet most daring one, then me Dawn who I would describe as childish from the inside but all cool on the outside. So the point is I'm a Tsundre. Which means i have two sides usually i display my cool side but when I'm with my friends let's just say I'm not exactly adult like. :D. Oh well. I'll see ya when I see ya!!



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