Daisy is Harry's friends since high school. Will she be his? Will he be hers?


9. Nighty night


harry's pov:

"Are you tired?" "Kinda" "let us go to bed" "ok"

daisy's pov:

"Harry this is the guest room" "I don't need it i will sleep with you" "oh...ok" I entered my room and Harry entered it after me. It felt awkward.. "Nighty night" "good night babe" I slept.

*next day*

i woke up the next day running. I wore black jeans, white shirt, black jacket and white heels. I put transparent lipgloss, blusher, and mascara. I made breakfast and ate. I made Harry's breakfast and I went to my room I kissed his forehead. I wrote him a message. I got out of the house. I took a taxi and went to the X factor. The judges asked me a couple of questions an I started singing because you loved me by Celine Dion. When I was done all of them started clapping. Some people were crying. The second round I sang my heart will go on by Celine Dion. This time  they decided o put me with two girls called Louise and Emily. The three of us had two more rounds to be famous. In the third round we sang naturally by Selena Gomez. In the third round we sang lovesick by Emily Osment. And now we had to choose our band name. We chose it to be the singles. So now we had to sing a song to see if we were perfect. It was like a concrete 

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