Daisy is Harry's friends since high school. Will she be his? Will he be hers?


2. bye harry

he was a really good friend. i liked him but i dont think he really liked me.. so one day i got a text from harry..

Harry: hi daisy :) im gonna audition for the x factor and i am gonna sing isn't she lovely. i will really miss you! i will visit you in 5 minutes so i can tell you goodbye..    -harry

Me: congratulations! i will miss you too :( ok ill get ready bye :)   -daisy

i rushed to the bathroom. i took a shower. i wore this >> 


Harry's P.O.V:

i was really sad because i was going to leave daisy. i really liked her. but i dont think that she likes me. well.. i hope she does. i should drive to daisy's house now to tell her goodbye.

Daisy's P.O.V: 

i was excited to see harry but in the same time i was sad that he was leaving. *doorbell rings* "coming!' i opened the door. it was harry."hi daisy.." "hi harry'   '' i will really miss you daisy'' '' i will really miss you harry'' '' come on harry we need to leave'' said gemma (his sister) ''coming!'' ''bye daisy i will really miss you'' *hugs tightly* ''i will miss you too harry bye'' ''bye'' as harry entered the car and left tears started roaming my face.

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