Daisy is Harry's friends since high school. Will she be his? Will he be hers?


12. Breaking up

Harry's pov:

Zayn wanted me to go with him to the bar. So I told daisy an I went out to the bar. I went drunk. And I kissed a girl..

Daisy's pov:

i was checking my twitter. Till I saw this post.. :oh my god is Harry styles of 1D cheating on daisy stone?! There are thousands of pictures of him kissing a girl. And there was a picture. She is a brunette with green eyes. I started crying. I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to see Harry DRUNK. I just left him till the next day but I slept in the guest room.

*next day*

"OUT!" I said while tears were falling from my eyes. "Why?" "Why?!why?!?!" *shows twitter pictures* I gave him his clothes and I opened the door waiting for him to go out. "But babe I thought you are her" "ya right just get out she is a brunette" "but-" "we broke up" pushes Harry outside and closes door.

Harry's p.o.v:

I need to leave her for sometime and talk to her I will leave her for a week..

*next day* 

I can't leave her for a whole week I need to talk her..


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