Daisy is Harry's friends since high school. Will she be his? Will he be hers?


3. 2 yrs later


So basically, Harry is with this amazing band called one direction and he hasn't called me for 2 years and im having a total breakdown EVERYDAY.. So i just decided to take a walk. As i was walking i saw the girl running after 5 boys.. and when i noticed who these 5 boys are they were one direction. so this is so epic! and suddenly harry started to run next to me and when he focused on me he stopped running.. he knew who i was. So i decided to enter my house. I was about to open the door but.. ''excuse me i think i know you'' i looked at him and at bis fans they were all shocked.. 

''i dont know you sorry '' all of the fans left idk where the boys were but it was only me and harry..



*catches hand* '' i missed you''

''ya.. i missed you too''

''here's my number''

''thanks i think you have mine..''

''umm no because my old one stopped working and i couldn't get your number because it couldn't open''

''oh ok'' *hugs*

''tomorrow ill go to your house to pick you up so you can meet the boys'' 

''ok bye''


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