Codename: Undocumented (Spin-Off)

Just gonna annoy Bry with this. On her poem Hold My Hand And Join The Fight, me and her mate La Volpe had a sparring match (aka. He tried to assassinate me on her orders). I got inspired, and felt like writing a spin-off from Codename: Plagiarists.


2. Shoot To Kill, Blame Me If You Will

The scythe blade came sailing through the air towards me, as I vaulted the bar away from this psychopath. Oh shit, I've really done it now. Ripping something, I take out Bry's Glock and click the safety catch off, planning to fire a warning shot. If Bry was here, she would just open fire with her AK until this guy's been cleaved in half.

At least I think she would. She was very violent whenever she was in school, and knew a lot of psychopathic tortures. I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

"Back off, you hear me!" I hissed, jumping up onto the bar in a panther-style crouch. The Glock was pointed just past this psycho, but at this angle, it appeared to be pointed right at him.

"Fuck you, traitor! The Movellians are the only thing fighting for us! If you get in the way of a Movellian, you're getting in the way of the rebellion." He replied, making another swing at me. The tip of his scythe just grazed the front of my throat, as I leaned back and shoved him over me. Clearly he'd made an attempt at a jump-slash. They're damn hard, and even harder if you're non-military.

"That Movellian happens to have pissed off the rest of the Movellians, and I'm trying to stop her from getting killed! I'm joining them once she gets out of trouble." I hastily explained, gripping him by the shoulder and "helping" him into the wall. The scythe dropped from his hand, as I pinned him to the bricks.

"Yeah, like I believe you. Now how would you die?" He snapped, drawing his knee up and kicking me hard in the guts. I recoiled backwards, and he took the oppurtunity to put me in a shoulder-lock, and press an authentic Smith & Wesson against my temple. "My speciality is a bullet through the skull. Now, any last words?"

You've got to be kidding me. You've got to be fucking kidding me! God, if Bry was here, she'd have gotten out of this...somehow. Probably turned her head to the side and bitten his neck, or something like that. She always was a fan of vampires.

"Yeah, I got a few. The girl you're killing me for. You don't even know her name, what she looks like, or anything about her. You'd really kill someone for a girl you know literally nothing about. Might I ask, why?" I asked.

You cannot help but question it though. He doesn't know Bry, he's probably never seen her before, and he's going to kill me because of her? Seriously?

"She's a Movellian, and that's good enough for me."

"You haven't even heard the full story about her!"

"I don't need to."

"She's the one going against the Movellians! I'm trying to stop her before she gets hurt!"

There was a loud click at the side of my head. Aw shit, I've done it now. He's gonna kill me, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Well, that's what I thought. Roughly, I was pushed to the floor. The gun was still trained on me though; right over my heart. Eh, whoever this is makes Bry look normal in the psychopathy stakes. Why the sudden change of heart?

"One sudden movement, and I'll carve your heart in two. Got that. You've got two minutes. Start talking."

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