Codename: Undocumented (Spin-Off)

Just gonna annoy Bry with this. On her poem Hold My Hand And Join The Fight, me and her mate La Volpe had a sparring match (aka. He tried to assassinate me on her orders). I got inspired, and felt like writing a spin-off from Codename: Plagiarists.


3. Explanations

"I knew Bry for a large part of my life. Since we were quite young. She always was the good one of us, until she turned fourteen. Then, she started disappearing on me. Missing school, leaving early, arriving late, and that sort of thing. It got worse at the age of fifteen. At that age, I'd be lucky to see her for one day a fortnight. At the age of sixteen, she vanished completely. At first I thought she just had a lover her family disapproved of, or had got a job in performing that required her to tour...but then I ran into her a few weeks ago. She didn't have a lover, and she wasn't on stage. She was a Movellian."

I gotta admit, the explanation did sound ridiculous, but hey, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

"Have you ever been so close to someone that you would be willing to stop them getting shot? Well, that's what I'm like with her. I never thought she actually would be shot at though. Stabbed...perhaps, but definitely not shot at. Until when I first saw her again. I prevented her from being shot, and then she recognised me. Not before beating me up though, but I guess some things never change."

"So she was gonna be shot, but you stopped that from happening, and then she beat you up. Sounds like a seriously messed up chick. Keep going, Goth." My possible-killer snapped, refusing to move the pistol from over my heart.

I have to admit, it's a pretty good looking piece. Sleek-barreled, sharp, and the recoil-absorber is pretty damn impressive. Not bad for a Smith & Wesson. Not bad at all.

"I'm getting there, Psycho." I replied, just as harshly. "Bry told me she was in trouble, so I helped her out. It was only until she tried to stab me that I worked out she was a Movellian. She told me all she thought was safe for me to know, which wasn't a lot. All I know about the Movellians, is that she's been one for a long time, and that she can get me in. I don't know anything more about the Movellians, I swear. I don't even know her codename."

He narrowed his eyes harshly at me, as he flicked the firing pin back. "If that's all you've got, then guess this is it. Enjoy your afterlife...I suspect you've been looking forward to it."

"Now, wait!" I snapped, as the safety was clicked off. "I said that was all I knew about the Movellians. Bry told me something that she said was partially linked to them, but not enough for it to put me in danger. Something about someone called Gilray."

He paused for a second, looking at me like he was interested. "This 'Bry' girl. She knew Gilray? Do go on." He said.

"Yes, though she's more of a woman now. Bry told me that she was talking with him in her apartment, about Bieber's takeover, when he had to hide. She didn't tell me a lot more, but basically, one of Bieber's followers killed Gilray. She did take very brutal revenge. Some very brutal revenge. That's why she was on the run, as she was worried about being blamed for Gilray's death. I've known Bry for years, so I know how loyal she is. If Gilray was linked to the Movellians, she would rather kill herself than hurt him."

He was clearly thinking about what he'd just heard, judging by how he hadn't shot me yet. He definitely reminds me of Bry a lot, as she was a total effing psycho. Even at the tender, semi-innocent age of fifteen, she told stories of cutting throats and exsanguinations. I always thought it was just her warped imagination combined with her literary skills, but now...what if all those murders she described weren't all in her imagination? What if they were real?

"I've heard enough." He spat. Oh God, I've really done it now. If Bry was here, she'd have beaten him to a pulp already.

"Go on then, get it over with. Kill me and be done with it." I replied, glaring at him over the gun. If I'm going to die, I might as well die fighting. If not physically, then verbally.

I expected him to pull the trigger there and then, or to take that scythe of his and run me through with it. Not to burst out laughing. "What? What's so funny?" I asked.

"You really think I'm gonna kill you now? Not after what you've just told me." He replied, still laughing slightly. The Hell? I thought he was about he like, one of those polarised psychopaths? I know Bry is a full-blooded psychopath, but I know full-blooded psychopathy is very rare.

"Are you completely insane?" I asked.

"Well...that's debatable. I could ask you the same thing, to be honest. If you're willing to risk your life for a friend...well, have you heard of The Brotherhood?"

Yep, he's definitely one of those polarised psychopaths, judging by how he nearly killed me, and is now dragging me to my feet.

"Er, apart from in Assassin's Creed, nope. Bry never got around to telling me about that." I replied, thinking back over what she told me.

"Well you're about to meet them." He replied.

Oh God, what have I gotten myself into now?

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