Like There's No Tomorrow

Katie was just a hilarious, smart girl. She had always been close with her Dad, but one day she had a horrible argument with him. That caused her to run away from him. The one person Katie knew would support her without disapproving of her family was Louis. Louis was a boy that Katie would talk to. But the longer she stays with her good friend Louis, the more she realises that he is more than just an old friend of hers.


2. The Ugly Truth

The next morning, Katie awoke in a cold bed. The mattress started creaking every time Katie moved her body.
She heard a dark, male voice grumbling downstairs. Katie couldn't really hear what he was saying, but he didn't seem to pleased.
Katie trudged downstairs and found Brenda, sipping coffee and speaking to a tall, attractive man sitting beside her.
"Mum? Uh, who is this?" Katie asked, pointing at the man.
"Oh Katie.. I didn't want you to find out until tomorrow." Brenda sighed. "This is Mark, my fiancée. We're getting married next month and I was afraid of telling you."
"You could've just told me! Another secret I have to find out. It's bad enough Dad is practically a murderer! I would've understood if you told me sooner." Katie frowned. "I wish you would understand that."
"Katie, I'm sorry," Brenda looked into Mark's eyes. "I want to marry him."
Katie sighed. "I'm just going to make some tea and go back to bed. You literally sicken me," she growled.

Katie had spent about half an hour in bed until she thought, "I can find someone that really understands me. Mum is scared of telling me something, Dad has lied for so many years... I should find someone I can talk to... Properly..."
Katie knew it was mad. She knew that her mum wanted to tell her, its just the thought of her mum knowing this for a good year and not telling her daughter worried her. Is her mum scared of telling he own daughter she's getting married again? "What's the big deal?" Katie thought, "she's getting married. Obviously I would support her."
Katie still decided to leave. She just didn't want lies. She didn't want people not telling her the truth. Katie couldn't believe her dad. Her dad basically murdered someone.
Simone is what Katie's dad is called. He's French. Katie had always been told that her father thought he would find good work in England to help his family stay on track - but that was a lie. So was her uncle. Katie's uncle wasn't Simone's brother at all, he was Simone's 'business partner'. Another lie. Simone was a man who worked for a man with a dirty past. Simone was ordered to kill someone. He did so, but was caught. Simone has to flee France and change his name to Michael Chalk.
The irritating thing was, 'Michael' met Brenda when she was still in high school. Michael was older than Brenda and had left high school. He didn't attend college.
They fell instantly inlove and Brenda fell pregnant. She assumed Michael was the father, but as time moved on, Brenda found out it wasn't Michael.
To feel that the dad you felt to close with was a killer and not even your real father hurt Katie. She had lived her life in a bubble of lives, trusting a man was a bad past.
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