Like There's No Tomorrow

Katie was just a hilarious, smart girl. She had always been close with her Dad, but one day she had a horrible argument with him. That caused her to run away from him. The one person Katie knew would support her without disapproving of her family was Louis. Louis was a boy that Katie would talk to. But the longer she stays with her good friend Louis, the more she realises that he is more than just an old friend of hers.


1. Goodbye Forever?

Katie and her dad were close. Every Sunday morning, her dad would call her downstairs and make her pancakes. He'd treat Katie as if she were a child again, wearing tutus and princess dresses.
But one night, a heated argument started and all the memories they had together broke into a million pieces and were left.
Katie ran away that night, tears trembling down her face. She had packed all her closet and stolen her dad's suitcase.
Katie didn't know who to turn to. She had to get away from her dad as soon as she could. She had found out the ugly truth and it mattered.

After a night of searching, Katie reached her mum's house. Her mum and dad split up when Katie was a baby.
Katie tapped at the door.
Katie's mother opened the door, looking pale and miserable. "Hello?" she said. Suddenly, her eyes widened and her face softened. "Katie?! What the heck are you doing here? Oh, darling you look wet and cold. Come inside, dear."
Katie's mum, Brenda, was a weak woman. She didn't really find any great jobs when Katie was young, just cleaning jobs because she didn't attend college or finish secondary school because she had to have Katie.
"So Katie, why are you here? How are you?" Brenda asked.
"Me and Dad had an argument. A bad argument. I just couldn't take it. Me and Dad have always been so close. It scared me to see that he was angry and I just..-" Katie sobbed.
"Don't cry. Look, you've got me. Forget the argument and just stay with me for a bit, hmm?" Brenda interrupted, taking a sip of tea. "Ooh, that's cold. I probably left it too long." Brenda placed the tea on the ancient coffee table beside the leather sofa.
"I want to stay with you, Mum." Katie said. "I missed you."
"And I missed you, Katie." Brenda leaned in to hug Katie. "I can't believe you're already 20..."
"Time flies..." Katie said. "Like what you used to say whenever we went out together."
Brenda smiled softly. "I remember," she said.
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