The Fairy Tale

The story is about a girl that had a dream to be like other but she was a bit diffrent witch she reallt didn't like anymore so she decided to change.


2. My Life Story Since Year 7 !

This is what my life looks like since year 7 up tp sixth form I'll start from the begining when i went to school in year 7 I throught it was going to be the best year but i was wrong my best friend moved to america , my boyfirend broken up with me and i also got bullyed , but after I moved schools and it started to be the best time off my life and I wasn't wrong this time , I had new friends and also a new boyfriend he was just wounderfull. Because I always wanted to be a model and a dancer I have been going to compatitions for modeling and I already won 2 or 3 not realy sure but still and I also went on Britains Got Talent , and I won it , and all I did was just dance and I think I danced my dreams it was the best year for me after all the things I went through in my old school . 

Then year 8 camed it was a realy good time as well for me I went to another modelling compitition and I didn't win this one because off the bitch in my school , she sudently wanted to be a model as well like me she copied me with everything , so then everyone stoped likeing her and I was the most popular kid in schol;l everyone knew me but I didn't know them whitch was a bit wired .

In year 9 I went to One Direction concert and that was the best thing that happened to me in year 9 everyone started likeing me even more .

I think I only was popular cause I was on T.V and thatsit but ohh well at least I had some friends .. but let go back to what I was talking about ..... so I was at the concert and harry smiled at me and also pulled his hand out to me it was the best moment off my life I was so happy I didn't know what to do , he also kissed me on the check god his lips were so soft and nice .

Then year 10 camed I moved back to my old school and this time I didn't get bullyed and I was actually really happy cause of that ,Then when i was in form i seen Harry Styles walking in to my form I was so happy I didn't know what to say but he told my head off year that he knew me and he sat by me and we just started talking about random stuff and the boyfriend I had in year 8 I was seeing him in year 9 as well but then he broke up with me just to go to that bitch Olivia se throught she was all that only because I didn't go to a modeling compition in year 9 but ohh well that I didn't go , but in year10 Iwent o 12 modeling compitions and Harry camed with me to support me and i won all off them I was so happy I really didn't know what to say but still he was there for me no matter what I fell in love with him then in year 11 we got together i was on T.V dancing and i won another 15 modelling compotitions , as time went i was in sixth form but harry had to leave it upseted me so much Ididn't know what to do with myself so then another boy from One Direction camed to our school I waslike what the fuck another boy from One Direction in our school I actually didn't know what was going on but as time went I found out that harry was cheating on me so I got with liam we where all so happy untill now .....

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