The Horizon is Red

Sometimes, despite the inceptive intoxicating rush, things don't work out.


1. The Horizon is Red


The horizon is red,

The sky bleeds with the sea,

The flightless birds are dead,

Here we part, you and me.


Once the sky was a dawn,

A morning of simple dreams,

Where golden hopes were born,

Knitted with silver seams.


Aurora still flying,

We wandered to the sea,

Your azure eyes were crying,

With the joy of feeling free.


Under the height of day,

The gilded world now shone,

And to passion we gave way,

Till noon had come and gone.


The evening hour drew near,

The light began to fade,

In your eyes I saw fear,

At the mess we had made.


We drove down to the sea,

Not a single word was said,

A fool's dream, you and me,

The horizon now red.

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