Hurt us once we'll kill you twice.

So Katniss and the rebels took down the capitol. Now what?
50 years later and Panem is in even worst condition than it has ever been before. The capitol regained it's power once more, the Hunger Games have started up again and they are more brutal than ever.


1. Chapter 1


I wake up in a hot sweat, panting as I look around my shadowed room; the dull amber glow of the street lights dance their way into my room creating a rough outline of everything. I get up, fumble blindly for my jumper and sit on my window seat. District 10 stands silent and asleep, the main roads are the only ones that have light and they normally don't work. The gentle moos and mews of the animals grazing in the fields behind me are a comforting rhythm and the nights transport is few and silent. I turn my light on and head to my chest of draws, where I carefully unwrap the diary from its protective velvet pouch, I return back to my bed and read a few entries.


The butter yellow pages of pure wisdom is all I have to help me survive here in Panem, and with the reign of the Capitol stronger than ever, this diary is priceless; from what I've read the Captiol is about the same,  nothing here's really changed. Except now we have the re-make of the blood-thirsty Hunger Games. 


I must have fallen asleep there and then, as I wake by the weak rays of sunlight pouring effortlessly through the windows. I sit up and plait my hair, and head down to the meadow opposite, careful not to be seen, (as you are not allowed out of your house until the Peace Keepers sound the end of 'Lock Down' bell) when I come to a small, icy lake, the water dancing it's way to the pond a few miles down from here. It babbles happily like a child at Christmas, I sit on a rock, and let the feeble Spring sun warm my skin. For once in my life I am actually happy. That all changes though. I suddenly dart up, remembering where I was and run home, mother needs help with the house work, and I'm the only person to do it. When I get home, there's stale bread and water on the table, and my brown school dress hangs lifelessly on it's hanger. The kitchen begs for a refurbishment, complete with a covering of laughter and happiness. Now it just reeks of grey misery. An hour later, and the house looks spotless, mother gestures for me to get ready, if I am late for school I get a beating. I get dressed, and tell her I'll meet her in the factory for my after-school work. She nods, undoing her apron and hurries me out the door. It's hard having an avox for a mother.


60 years before, my grandmother took down the capitol with a group of rebels  Their idea of a democratic society was the way forward, but once again the cunning capitol knew how to play its cards, (afterall its's been playing the game long enough). They  bowed their heads and cept a low profile for 30 years letting the districts get on with it, then when it had replenished it's army, it over run the districts once and for all. The first thing they put in place was the remake of the Hunger Games, but they have lowered the age of the tributes from 12 to 7. Now the tributes have to be between the ages of  7 and 18. When children as young as 7 enter the arena its like watching a mass slaughter of sitting doves. They are just too helpless and innocent to do anything.  The Game makers take great pride in filming the slaughters of 7 years old's. They film their cut decapitated bodies dressed in blood red, dying on the ground of the arena floor. They keep replaying it, to remind us districts what we have done.It is also done twice a year, there's the Main Hunger Games which is the annual one where 24 tributes enter the area a girl and a boy from each district battle it out for one victor, there is more excitment in this one, probably because it has more drama, especially when districts form an alliance with one another. Then there are also then'mini Hunger Games' which is the Half Games. This is just another hunger games where they put the children in the arena individually and the capitol public get to decide what happens to each of them.  Their main favorites are the mutts and the death fog which not only suffocates them but targets their main nervous system causing spasms and immense pain for the victim.That Half Games can go on for weeks at a time,There is no victor, no drama, no sponsers.Not like the original Hunger Games, its just murder after murder. They just wait there putting even more horrors into the small arena for the poor victim until he or she is dead. They keep going until all 24 of the victims are dead. Once that was put in place they nuclear bombed all of 13  above and under ground as that was the home-hub of all the rebels  So now we can all safely say there is no more 13. They keep showing us 13, with weekly updates on it but this time the footage is real, and not just replayed from a previous booming tape like they did over 60 years ago. There is no more quick flash of a mocking jay wing flying past the camera which was my grandmothers tell-tell sign that the capitol had left 13 alone. Nope, there is no secret district to run to any more. They have cept the district citizens locked up like rats in their districts with electrical fencing that would sizzle you to a crisp if you go past it, invisible force-fields with no 'chink in the armor  that my grandmothers friend (and ally in the arena)- Beete found out about so it is impossible to see what is force field and what is not. Brutal blood thirst mutt- peace keepers with their minds hijacked to become the best killing weapon the capitol have, in keeping the districts in line. In every district life is hard, food is so scarce that every single district citizen whether they are from 3, 5, 12 or 2 all look like a yellow bag of bones. You are forced to marry whoever the capitol choose for you, forced to have children, forced to work until your dying day. Children are forced to go to school, then work for 5 more hours at the factories. Adults (17 year olds and over) are forced to work either in the farms or factories for 13 hours everday 6 days a week. Its hard to believe that this life is worse than death itself. The one blessing that humans have is freedom, and the capitol have abused that and turned it against us. Death would be a blessing. So yeah, life here is even worse than my grandmothers time. 


Obviously everyone hates Katniss Everdeen the girl who was on fire, who fell in 'love' with the boy with the bread. She was the one that caused this chaos, and they keep reminding us of it by showing daily clips of her face with the words, "This is your traitor. She caused your pain.' and then the key sentence that is shown every hour of every day "Hurt us once we'll kill you twice" They don't really touch on Peeta though, an odd picture of them together, but the Capitol have always favoured my grandfather. And it just so happens that I am Katniss's granddaughter,  and I don't hate her. I may be biased but I don't find her too bad. Life was only going to get worse for her too if she hadnt done anything; the capitol hated her anyway for showing them up the first time she was in her Hunger Games. Luckily however, Katniss and Peeta never filed in any paperwork, of proof that they had any kids, so to the Capitols record there are no more 'Everdeen's or Mellarck's' left. As soon as Katniss died my mother- Rue (daughter of Katniss and Peeta) changed her last name to Salt and disppered into 10's population. She only did this because, as once the capitol regained power their main mission was to capture and brutaly torture the Mellarck's, they went on a massive hunt for the family not knowing if they exisited or not, torturing poor, innocent members of the public thinking they where one of them. No-one knows that the original Mellarck's are still going. And that's precisely how I like it.


After school, I meet up with my best friend Clara (who is my grandmothers best friend-Gale- his-sister- Posie's grand daughter. weird right? she doesnt know about this though) We dont go hunting like my grandmother and Clara's grandmother's brother used to do. Nope, we go down to this old tyre yard called the wreck. All the capitols junk is down there, its highly dangerous and toxic but it doesnt stop 10's kids oh no! We are so deprived of anything fun that this place is the closest thing to it. There are Peace keepers there, obviously but they let us play. They are so full of Morphling those Peace Keepers that they dont care what we do. Thats the only good thing left on this world. That addicting sleep drug morpling which stops any pain. Nearly everyone is on it. It just dulls the painful loll of life. Even the Peace Keepers are on it, which is good as the morplhing helps their hijacked brains to relax a little which relaxes their guard too. Clara's a bit fidgety today though, and when I asked her whats up she grabbed my hand and pulled me around the back of an old army truck isolated at the back of the wreck, she double checks that no-one is watching us when she speaks: "the capitol think they have found a Mellarck. An origional Mellarck!" My heart .Stops. "just think" she hissed, "that dangerous human could be making a new clan of rebles, to take down the capitol again like her stupid mum and dad did" My blood freezes, the only thing I can think about is my mum, my poor mum and of course, me. We are the only two Mellark's left. Then it hit me. My grandmother had two children a girl and a boy. When those two grew up they both left for different districts when the Captiol had taken reign once more. Heavens know where he is now. But what if the Capitol find him.? And what if they torture him and he says he had a sister? Then all of Panem would be in a massive search for a girl Mellarck. How brilliant would it be for the Capitol to torture the offspring of the Girl who started it all? If they find my mother then they will find the third generation of the Mellarks.


And that's me.



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